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  1. This is Not an Option. As its Brand New Hardware i'll try to replace the CPU. Is Core i7 4770 an Safe Option?
  2. Can someone please help me with my graphics? With GraphicsEnabler enabled "ioreg -lw0 -r -n GFX0" returns "AAPL, ig-platform-id=0c26000". System profiler names it Intel HD P4600/P4700 which is out commented in ErmaC's best answer (why?). I tried to inject "0300220d" as "InjectIntel-ig" with chameleon. Injection seems to be successful as the ioreg command above shows me that value as ig-plattform-id after reboot. Although shouldn't it be flipped? Unfortunately system profiler still names it P4600/P4700, no kexts are loaded and graphic is very shaggy in launchpad for example. I have a Xeon E3-1245V3 (socket 1150) and I am using smbios for iMac 14,2.
  3. Intel DH87RL

    Ah ok! That's good. Thanks a lot.
  4. Intel DH87RL

    Trial and error is ok for me ;-) I'm booting fine to Mavericks. But graphics is shown as "Intel HD Graphics P4600/P4700 64MB". No kext is loaded and I have some flattering in Safari for example. So I think QE/CI is not enabled. Problem is: How do I know it's the right value? Will graphic be Iris, will it have 1024MB or what else? Everything else is working fine now. Audio (thanks to Toleda), Network and all Apple Services (thanks to your patch, which even endured the update to 10.9.1).
  5. Intel DH87RL

    I will give Clover a try too after I got it completely running as I strongly prefer Clover with the experience from my actual combo in mind. How do I know which value is the correct one for IntelAzulFB? I know I have to test each value, but what is the easiest way to determine whether it is the right one? Is the Memory value corresponding to the one I set in BIOS if the value is right?
  6. Intel DH87RL

    Yes, I will give this a try. Just execute the perl-script on the original mach_kernel, right? I will have to use the patch every time I update to a newer version?
  7. Intel DH87RL

    Man, you are a f***ing genius! Replaced myHacks mach_kernel by the one you provide in your Link and booted using -v -f npci=0x2000 - and boom, I got to the installation screen. After installation rebooted to installation programm and copied mach_kernel from thumb drive to /Volumes/MacintoshHD in terminal. Booted from HD with the same flags and I have a running OS X. Still some adjustments to do but the machine is running! Thanks a lot!
  8. Intel DH87RL

    Seems to be a misbelief as actually I can't even get to the installation screen. Neither using Clover nor Chameleon. Due to booting in verbose mode is incredibly fast I can't even see the last message before rebooting.
  9. Intel DH87RL

    Aren't there any other issues I have to deal with? Well, then installing will be a fine Job doing...
  10. Intel DH87RL

    Hello and a happy new year to all of you. I recently got new Hardware and I'm wondering wether it will run OS X. I got the following Mainboard: Intel DH87RL And this CPU: XEON E3-1245V3 Mainboard should be fine for Ethernet and Audio as there are kexts for these. What do you think?
  11. Installation guide with Clover?

    For the beginning try to boot just with NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and FakeSMC.kext. Have you recognized the Download section in the top menu? For giving you advice what kexts you need other users should know what hardware you use...
  12. As English is not my mothers tongue I don't understand everything. Did you or did your BIOS over voltage your RAM? I'm not fully able to relate to your problems as mentioned earlier I've never had those problems despite using OS X for years now. ReFS was introduced by Windows 8 Server. Like Microsoft always did, they introduce new filesystems on server operating systems. But it is available at Windows 8.1 too. Currently you cannot boot ReFS filesystems though. For your knowledge, this is what happens to your filesystem: LINK. I would strongly recommend taking another hard drive if this happens cumulative, even if the smart status of your drive doesn't show any noticeable problems.
  13. That's right. It doesn't protect you from resets. But you talked of corruption. For me this means damaged, unusable not just lost values. So you over clocked your RAM and maybe more? No need to say more... Orphaned files are files which are linked to other files, that don't exist any more. If you have a file X and a symbolic link Y and you delete file X then the link Y is an orphaned file. This has nothing to do with your loss of system files. So you never had the message that Windows could not been booted normally? And Checkdisk never ran prior to boot? There can be tons of orphaned files in Windows too. Of course NTFS is archaic. It's been developed in the beginning of the 1990's. Why do you think Microsoft introduced ReFS with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Server?
  14. I got this info from here: http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/Graphics#NVCAP
  15. Graphic Issue or something? GeForce GT430 Dual Display

    No ideas as this is the new multi monitor feature of OS X 10.9. It's not a mistake, it's just as Apple wanted it to be. There is one menu bar for each display but only one single dock. You will notice that you can run an application in fullscreen on one monitor while working in another application on each other display.