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  1. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    good to know but someone can explain to me what OOB means and how i do that? sorry i'm newbie XD
  2. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    Hi jzhang18, the model is ZNFC.
  3. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    Hey antaeus thanks for help, it's worked but it still using the 3MB video card. I tried some boot configs combinations like Duckweed, AtiPorts=4 and when i use it don't work :/
  4. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    Hi, I tried the tutorial but didn't work ... :/ I have one of these XFX HD6850, mobo Z68X-UD3-B3, Intel i5 2500, 4GB 1333MHz RAM running Mountain Lion. I've tried several other tutorials and boot flags like GraphicEnabler=Yes, AtiConfig=Duckweed/Uakari/Bulrushes, AtiPorts=4/5, Use Ati ROM, set the IOPCIMatch the info.plist and the ATIRadeonAcelerator ATI6000Controller.kext but without success. If I boot with GraphicsEnabler=No it works, but the OS does not recognize the card and uses a 3 MB video card memory. I don't know what else to do, someone help me? : D Thanks and sorry for bad english ^ ^