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  1. Restore data and win partition

    i used norton ghost 8 to do a partition to partition copy and it didn't work, so i'm assuming acronis wouldn't work either @hecker: how did u use winclone?
  2. Restore data and win partition

    I had my MacBook dual booting with Windows XP and had a FAT32 data drive for sharing files between Mac & Win. I bought a bigger drive and was able to clone my Mac OS X partition just fine, but how do I clone/restore my WinXP and FAT32 data drive?
  3. I use Boot Camp to dual boot into Windows XP on my MacBook C2D and all of a sudden my touchpad doesn't work anymore and the keyboard is functional but the caps lock and num lock light doesn't light up anymore. I tried uninstalling the all keyboard and mouse devices in Device Manager, but when Windows finds and re-installs the drivers for them upon restart, the same problems exists. I also tried using the latest Apple drivers from the latest Boot Camp, but the same problems exists. Any ideas how I get the touchpad to work again and the keyboard to fully function again?
  4. i'd rather do a equivalent registry hack for Mac OS X, since it plays stepchild to my Vista installation i even installed a NTP server on my Ubuntu box (my Vista/Mac OS X86 box doesn't have Internet) and though it sets the correct time when initially poppin in it's addy, it doesn't automatically correct it for Mac nor Vista when they boot up (I guess it the NTP clients are on a weekly schedule or something). i have the same issue with my MacBook when Boot Camp'n Windows XP. this time issue blows hard.
  5. I dual boot between Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.8 (JaS). The time is incorrect when booting back into Vista (4 hours ahead). My Vista installation is up to date (Windows Update) and I only updated iTunes on my OS X 10.4.8 installation (I didn't wanna screw up the system) so I'm pretty sure OS X is messing up the time. How do I fix it so that the time is always correct between the systems? TIA P.S. - i'm in the U.S. east coast new york time zone
  6. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    so using mira or remote buddy and creating a custom behavior to control the patched/customized Front Row app is not gonna work at all?
  7. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    i got Apple TV/Front Row 2.0 up and started and my [Windows] iTunes synced to it (though I turned off syncing for the moment until I fix the slow transfer speeds issue with the NIC and kext)... but I can't control it (Apple TV). I tried the keyboard (PS2), mouse (USB), Apple remote (came with my MacBook) and the Windows Media Center remote (MCE IR receiver) and nothing works. Any ideas?
  8. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    My Mac OS X86 (10.4.8) installation/box has a Nvidia video card (DVI & VGA) and a VIA/Rhine sound card (built-in to the mobo)... would I be able to run Apple TV/Front Row 2.0 on it smoothly or do I need to do additional hacks/fixes?
  9. Is Apple TV worth to buy with 480p 4:3 screen?

    If ya media library currently or eventually solely or even mainly consists of stuff you BOUGHT from iTunes, then get AppleTV. Otherwise I'd stick with a XBMC/XBOX to drive ya 4:3 TV. It can do everything AppleTV can do (except play protected/DRM media from iTunes) and more. I had XBMC initially driving my HDTV, but moved it to my 480p 4:3 TV in the bedroom after seeing it doesn't playback half-HD and HD media well. I then built a HTPC for the HDTV using Vista Media Center. Most of my media is non-HD so XBMC isn't obsolete. Also if you plan on getting a HDTV display, then get the AppleTV.
  10. A History of OSx86 – Part I

    are you serious? this scene is like what the white man did to our music in the early days... and you wanna write about it as if it's all good?!?! don't get me wrong, I'm no saint, I do my dirt too, but would I write a "A History of..." piece after jacking? no, that's dry snitching! it doesn't matter, it's the hardware and culture that makes the Mac the Mac. OS/2 could of been OS X and still have died. keep jacking for beats
  11. can we intall bootcamp in OSX x86

    i've tried and it doesn't work like Zizou said. when you run Boot Camp it says you have to upgrade or update ya system or firmware (something like that) to run it.
  12. Installing OSX on an already dual booted System

    came to a solution...: ghosted Vista to master drive --> booted off BartPE and used diskpart to delete old Vista slave partition and create mac os x compatible partition AND set new Vista master partition active --> booted off Vista installation disc -> Repair -> Auto Repair and then rebooted making sure my Vista installation was still there (it was) and the Vista Boot Loader was successfully rebuilt (it was) --> ran EasyBCD [1.52] in Vista and prepared a Mac OS X entry --> booted off BartPE again to make the Mac OS X slave drive paritition active for installation with diskpart --> booted and installed Mac OS X disc (10.4.8 JaS SSE2/SSE3 AMD & Intel was the version that worked for me) to slave drive --> installation finished, restarted and selected Mac OS X in Vista Boot Loader and all is good... minus the driver/kernel extensions headaches... but Vista and Mac OS X boot just fine, so i guess that's all that matters
  13. no USB at all

    nevermind, got it working fine, USB 2.0 and everything I installed this thing: http://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers...d/usbdebug.html install the regular package NOT the one that says *log* in it's name
  14. I was able to use my USB mouse (standard Dell optical wheel mouse) during installation (JaS 10.4.8 SSE2/SSE3 AMD & Intel), but now nothing connected via USB works at all with Mac OS X finally install and running. The mouse, eHome/MCE receiver (this was actually detected during installation via system profiler), USB thumb drive, nothing. I've tried all USB ports, front and back, nothing. I even tried a Apple Pro USB Mouse, nothing. In System Profiler it says no info under USB section. Any idea how I could get USB working (even if it is only USB 1.1/12 Mbps)? it's a Biostar P4M80-M4 mobo, VIA P4M800 / VT8237 chipset TIA
  15. Keyboard not detected by setup

    nevermind. got it working using Tom H's fix (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=21952) thanx