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  1. I spent 4 days to fully restore the system, I didn't consider that option
  2. Yep, absolutely first thing after installation
  3. Nope, my partition broke after a windows 10 update and I had to install all over but it wasn't caused by OSX. I was able to backup my data using an Ubuntu live usb but clover couldn't boot the system and the installer was seeing just one partition. Never lost a byte anyway.
  4. Hi guys, I had to format and do a fresh install, I was a bit out of sync with your updates but I had solved the temperature and fans issue. Now I tried to install with the latest BIOS but had to give up and downgraded it to the previous 1.2.0 (had issues even with 1.2.18 and 1.2.21). Now the system works fine, apart for the internal mic that stops working after sleep, but my fans are always on and the laptop heats up pretty fast. Already checked if the nvidia is disabled and it seems it is. Will need to spend some time on it, I did the math to adjust the slide value but I was not lucky enough.
  5. Great as always Goodwin, thanks! Any issue so far?
  6. Sorry guys, I tried to search it in the thread with no success. Did anyone update to 10.12.5? Is it a safe thing to do?
  7. I actually never used a bluetooth mouse on windows, will try and report back
  8. A little update, I'm experiencing interferences between bluetooth and wifi. When I use wifi, the RSSI of my magic mouse drops to -90dBm, while with wifi off (connected to it through my smartphone using USB tethering) it raises to a more acceptable -70dBm. I have the broadcom chipped Dell 1830.
  9. I installed Brightness Slider in the meanwhile, but it seems to have some issue that make it log me out at random times. It could certainly be related, I'll check the console on the next logout.
  10. Hi @wmchris! I've just finished installing 10.12(updated to 10.12.4 too) and everything seems to be working except for brightness. When I press the buttons the overlay appears and the indicator changes like it was working, but the effective brightness is always 100%. With 10.11 it was not working at it's best, but was anyhow working... Is it just me? NB: I have a 4K
  11. Why did it fail? Tell the error, get the solution. No way to make the NVIDIA working, OSX doesn't know how switchable graphics work, so you'll only have the IGFX 4600.
  12. Scusa, ero in Inghilterra e non potevo collegarmi :/ Non ho prove che lo confermino perché non l'ho fatto in prima persona e non ho ritrovato il post, ma ricordo di aver letto di persone che avevano incontrato problemi tentando configurazioni RAID 0. Ad ogni modo prova e fammi sapere, male che vada li userai come due dischi separati
  13. No way to have raid 0 on mac, you alway need to disable it... Going for S413?
  14. Yep, you're right. It appears that no XMG comes with italian keyboard...only UK, DE, US or Swedish. German keyboard is not so different from ours, and by the way you can always set le keyboard layout to italian. It's just aesthetic.