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  1. Help a complete noob install Lion please!

    Success!!! With the guide linked by Here To Help, I finally got it to boot. Upon boot, just had to install the kext for my ethernet, and it appears everything is functional. I'm typing this from my new Hackintosh To get it to boot, I had to remove one of my 580's, and the install went fairly smooth after that. Just had to keep moving the mouse every few minutes, or I couldnt get the display to come up after it turning off. Oh, and I couldnt get Lion to install, so I put on Mountain Lion. Also, when I scroll, the scrolling is inverted. I'd rather not have to get used to that. Anyway, how can I ensure that all devices have installed drivers?
  2. So, I initially began this project wanting to install OS X 10.6 on a friend's AMD bulldozer laptop. That turns out to not be so easy-most signs pointed to the CPU being the main roadblock. Previous to this I had installed OS X on my personal desktop on a separate hard drive using Empire EFI boot disk, and a retail 10.6 disk. I got it to boot, and that was enough for me at the time. After putting my friend's laptop aside, I decided I would try a dual-boot option on on my desktop. I had erased the hard drive that I installed my copy of 10.6 on while trying to install on my friend's laptop, so I retried the install replicating exactly what I did before, and it wouldnt even get to the install process. I've tried as much as I think I can-disabled all peripherals in the bios, removed all unnecessary cards, tried multiple guides on how to make a bootable Lion USB disk, removed all overclocks, changed installed system memory to a single 2gb stick...and I dont think I'm getting anywhere. I'm an experienced PC user/troubleshooter, but Mac is a completely new world-different terminology, different requirements, and it doesnt help that it's not meant to be done. Here's what I think is holding me up-my PC is watercooled-the CPU and GPUs are both watercooled. I've read Mac doesnt really like SLI too much. The problem is it's physically very difficult to remove one of the cards, even if it's just a temporary displacement. I'd be willing to do it if I knew that I'd at least be able to install Lion so I can get to the drivers after. Bascially, I need somebody to point me in the right direction. Here's my hardware: i7 920 Asus Rampage III Formula (x58) 12GB ddr3 (6x2GB) 2x Gigabyte GTX 580's I've been creating the bootable USB disks by using a virtual machine (VMWare Workstation 8.0.4) of 10.7.4. If I need an actual mac, I could find one if necessary. Oh, and I cant get 10.6 or 10.7 to install...Tried 10.6 for a day, didnt get anywhere so now I want to try 10.7.
  3. Well, I finally got the install process to finish, by using the modbin_kernel (typing, "rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel after pressing f5 to refresh disk in the drive), but now it doesnt boot into Snow Leopard. Ive tried different versions (10.6.0, 10.6.3), and both won't boot-it comes up with a screen like this: boot0: test boot0: test boot0: failure I heard that the first boot can take 5-10 minutes, so I went on the extra cautious route and let it sit for 2 hrs, and nothing changed. I then tried to boot with the Mod disk in, booting using the modbin_kernel method, and it comes up with a load of lines, but still no boot after hours. Not sure what I'm doing, but I'm fairly sure I've hit a dead end. Cant find anybody else who's gotten this chip to boot, or even tried with it
  4. Would this GPU be supported by perhaps 10.7 or 10.8?
  5. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I thought I followed this guide as closely as I could. I'm trying to install 10.6 snow leopard to a Samsung NP305E5A laptop. It has the following specs: AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M APU 4gb DDR3 (single stick) 500gb hdd Integrated AMD Radeon™ 6520G Graphics I've read that AMD cpu's are much harder to get going, just due to the fact that Apple never officially released a system with an AMD cpu in it. I did however get a test system going on my x58 i7 920 desktop system, just to see what should happen. I didnt fiddle around with drivers, so the display looked odd, but everything else seemed to work fine. I used the osx86 mod cd, and a retail distribution of 10.6. I can get the mod cd to boot up, then when I swap the disks to the 10.6 disk, and press enter to have it start booting up the disk, the screen goes black. I've tried restarting, using EmpireEFI boot disk, using different 10.6 versions (I think I have an original 10.6.0, and a 10.6.3), and I'm not sure what else to try. I do try to figure stuff out on my own, as I generally learn more that way, but I've just about hit a wall here. If I can just get it to install, I should be able to get the drivers and such figured out. Thanks in advance for any help!