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  1. Hi @MaLd0n, I come back with test result. CMOS corruption randomly triggered by macOS reboot, which happens during macOS install or upgrade. To test it, I re-installed 10.14 to another disk, upgraded to 10.14.1 afterwards. I got no CMOS corruption so far, I believe it has been fixed. Thank you very much.
  2. @plofplof I am using HD630 from i5-8400. It is easily drived with WhatEverGreen, just to make sure you have DVMT >128MB. Someone saying lower DVMT could casue flickering. Sure will. I guess it takes time as this strange BIOS corruption happens randomly and rarely. But once it happened, I have to open the case and did the CLR RESET
  3. That is fast! Thanks a lot @MaLd0n, will test it out. what is the key fix for this issue? I mean random BIOS corruption.
  4. semson

    macOSUpd10.14.x.pkg fix for HFS+

    Thank you both of you @gengik84 @PippoX0. It works for me was almost compromised changing to APFS using CCC.
  5. Hello MaLd0n, I need your help to patch the DSDT. Problems I am getting are: Random BIOS corruption at reboot. It happens on occasion, not always. I have to CLR BIOS to get it boot again, very annoying. Tried ACPI/FixShutdown, AppleRTC fix but not helping. USB 3.0 kext patch is not work on macOS updates. Thanks a lot. Config of my build: Asus B150M-C D3 i5-8400 (BIOS is patched to support coffeelake) UHD630 Send me Aaronde-MBP.lan.zip
  6. That's a lot of work. thank you! start expecting the new release
  7. I used to have a HD7770 GPU too, Verde.kext work great on Sierra but it doesn't with High Sierra. The same fix is supposed to be employed by RadeonDeInit but no luck for me. After intensively researched, I learnt to these options: 1. Roll back to Sierra kext. 2. Patch Framebuffer according to your card. 3. Last but could be the easiet one, if you're using DVI cable, try HDMI. I forgot how I get HD7770 working on High Sierra finally, I do not own this card anymore. I still have HD5450 and HD7870, HD5450 works with Framebuffer patch, HD7870 does not but loading FB (Futomaki, Injet ATI), limits video port to 2 bring it to live on HDMI. Oh I am on X58 legacy system too;)
  8. Thanks @TzTravelInTime. Installed to Clover kext folder and got it working with CT4830
  9. Hello @ITzTravelInTime, couldn't find the binary kext, do I have to wait for "release" section ready?
  10. Hi KGP-iMacPro, I have question on M.2/NVMe Configuration. I installed the SSD via PCIe adapter and so v.2 is pci-bridge, MaciASL failed to compile. What can I do? v.1 = PCI0 v.2 = pci-bridge v.3 = pci126f,2263
  11. Hi @ITzTravelInTime, I just wanted to say thank you here. My onboard AC97 suddenly produces random noice on both Windows and macOS. I pulled an old Sound Blaster Live Value CT4830, installed 1.11b0 and rebooted... Ooops macOS failed to boot into desktop, it restarts during boot process. A Google search directed me to this post, putting the .kext to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other and booted, wow it really works! I tried also SB0060, works too. However, VLC prompts me to setup speaker in "Audio MIDI setup", I guess this is normal? I still got the cracking sound (or laggy?) on very few occasion though. Lastly, can I suggest to you adding the updated .kext to OP? Otherwise if someone is not reading through page 6 he is going to miss it.
  12. First you need to search and read! You should try DSDT provided by mcbeth303 in post #1501. It works perfectly and is the only one fully working I found on the net.
  13. Thanks @mcbeth303, your DSDT edit works for me. This really save me a lot of time for editing myself, providing I have never edit one. I still prefer to include these SSDT code in DSDT like @d00d did, the boot seems a bit snappier (no proof). Somehow I still need to use “orange icon fix” using Clover kext patch , I don’t know why but it doesn’t really matters. The one I downloaded from txxxmax86 doesn’t work, this happens for a few boards I tried before, seems they didn’t maintain good DSDT library. Many thanks to @d00d for maintain this great thread. Your works still rock on El Capitan. For anyone who interested, this is DSDT with built-in SSDT code for Xeon X5650. I overlock to blck 200, so is getting 4.4GHz for all cores, 4.6GHz for single core. DSDT.aml
  14. Big thanks to avin7000 and fusion71au! Yosemite and Windows 8.1 Update 3 are fully working here. When installing Yosemite, I can't create two partitions but leaving 2nd partition "free". So I created two HFS+ partitions and then deleted the 2nd one, making it free to Windows installer.