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  1. ok, now I got any further. now: after the install of the combo update and the legacy kernell it boots (no panics), and then tries to start the window server (in linux I would say the X-server). the mouse pointer is on the upper left corner (as it is as usual) but the desktop, dock, .. doesnt come. the pointer dissapears, and 3-4sec later it retries. I already deleted the file containing the resolution, as I tought it would be he has no driver anymore to have that resolution EDIT now I have a fully working 10.6.8. Thank you! what I did: reinstalled the original kext for the gma950 and patched the DSDT.
  2. got it working since yesterday evening via the SnowLeo distro. I have now 10.6.3 installed, when I tried 10.6.8 combo update it rebooted with kernel panic. I'll look into that further (if the 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 changelog tells me anything usefull)
  3. hi, thank you. It is a towermodel of the gx620 (and the dvd-reader is the one who came in it). Reading dvd's (like booting osX86 distro's) is no problem. When 10.5 was installed I was able to burn dvd's on that pata-dvd. Yesterday I tried some other software (in wintendo) to burn the dvd: burn is successfull, but the data verification gives errors. So I need to go and find another way to have a 10.6.3 disk (need to buy a physical disk instead of buying the download ). I guess, I narrowed the problem: or it is the quality of my DL-DVD-media, or my writer is no good at writing DL-DVDs.
  4. Hi there all... Thank you @ topicstarter for the nice how-to, I've read it a 100 times, and even printed it! I prepared everithing, and tried to install it on a second disk (disconnect the old 10.5.X-one) However, I still dont have a working 10.6 dell gx620 after a 10-12 installs. I had a 10.5.X working (I think Kalyway, but dont remember right), but it went broke (cant boot anymore) while trying to install 10.6 on another disk. The problem I have: - when booted the nawcomm (I have a P4HT, not a dual core), and press F5 he can't start reading the DVD (dual layer burned image) - when using other install methods (iATKOS, Hazzard-distro, ..), some don't finish, other say the dvd is not complete, ... - when I use the SnowLeo distro (the only one I can finish the install) there is a kernel panic (IATAOSFamily ?) So, what would i like to know : - I need to burn the dvd on a windows xp-system. Do I swap the dvd-unit, so the burning an reading is done with the same unit ? - anybody has burning guidelines to burn that 10.6.3 image to a DL-DVD (what program and settings to use). Do I need disk-at-once or track-at-once? My writing program said it did successfully write the image, but there was a problem closing the session. - how can I test the abovementionned DVD to check if it is fully readable, bootable (if needed), and closed correctly. - a howto, what options (kext, kernels, ..) I need to select on that SnowLeo-distro --> this is my alternative to the howto of the topicstarter. - my dvd is a PATA unit, the harddisk can be SATA or PATA (I have both, so pls say what has the best chances) Please, It's starting to drive me mad. I started saturday morning te update process System: Stock GX620 (3Ghz HT cpu), but with added RAM (3gig now, instead of 1gig) The DVD-drive is pata. Thank you!