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  1. The 1,5gb Video RAM is an error in Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler, but is only cosmetic. OSX reads the ROM on your video card for operating purposes, so I would not worry about that. You can overcome that by using DSDT injection or EFI strings - Either with Graphics Enabler=No in boot.plist I have managed to overcome the sleep & display freeze problem as well as the full creen freeze in certain apps - with some out of the box thinking, but need to get my head around explaining it. It's not 100% as there are artifacts on the screen ( the odd coloured square placed randomly) when exiting some games & wake from sleep, but they disappear when you open an app (any one) fullscreen and then minimize it.(Weird) There are none of the usual OpenGL NVDA Channel exception errors in Consol, but 1 or 2 OpenGL errors I have not seen before - so it seems to be on the right track - needs specialist tweaking which I am not. I merely borrowed and stole to create a workaround - NOT A FIX. A fix is permanent. I will also need someone to create a script to perform all the actions from a resource folder because an update will break things again and to go through all the motions to fix the issues are a bit tiresome. Anyways, I am not using the card on my main system anymore, but just wanted to know the 550 could be fixed. It's just not worth the effort though. The machine it is on does not need sleep or fullscreen apps, so I could just as well have left it.
  2. Ok , so I was threatened with a ban on the TonyMac forum for discussing the new Nvidia & OpenGL kexts in the 10.8.2 beta. (Only hang out there co's it's so quiet on here) I have a 550ti on another side project on which I had hoped these new kexts would work. They don't install when running the Install.pkg. But I peeked inside the pkg file with pacafist and noticed a whole lot of updated kexts. The GeForce & OpenGL kexts are updated to vers. 8.0.55. I installed them manually using kextutility, but still no change to the freeze problems plaguing the GF108 & GF116 Fermi cards. I did notice that there are updated system/library/frameworks files too. Is it worth looking into these too? There is one for OpenGL.framework. I updated the 10.8 version by updating the older files in each of the sub-folders with the new ones, but ML will not load it. Well it does, but as soon as I enter my password at login, the screen flashes and reverts back to the login page. This is obviously a long shot at getting some use out of the 550ti card in another machine as I have had to upgrade my main machine to a 560 due to the screen freezing when running OpenGL based apps & games in Full Screen. I have a thread on here somewhere about that, but it's been rather quiet on this forum for a while.(I can hear myself echo while typing this!) Basically, if there is no support for these cards in the 10.8.2 version, there will never be. Everyone seems to think it's a glitch in the Nvidia drivers, but I have a suspicion that Apple are dropping support for a lot of cards and may continue to do so. Makes choosing a card very dicey for future builds / OS versions. Any thoughts?
  3. Fixed Sig! WhooHoo! By the way, noticed you have 2GB RAM . Did you apply the Netkas's fix for cards with 2GB & more? Aparrently OpenCL does not work OOB with 2GB or more so he posted a fix on his website.
  4. Same here! Or 560 actually. Was going cheap at an old stock clearance sale to make way for the 660, which is way overpriced where I live. Actually glad I was forced to to be honest. The 550 was only just cutting it anyway. If any 'fix' had to be found, it would be pointless anyway, since 'fixes' are broken most of the time after an update. Just hope Apple don't drop Fermi support completely in the near future or I will need to 'work the streets' to upgrade again! (Joking!)
  5. I have 3 sets of edited AGPMs. Been trying them to see which one suits me better. They range between 3 aggressive power states to 2 that are a smoother transition. But none of that affects the cards main issues with sleep/wake etc.
  6. 550Ti has worked well since install in normal mundane tasks. Only had to patch GeForceGLDriver.bundle to get OpenCL working, patched AGPM to get decent power states. BUT... Freezes when wake from sleep, freezes when coming out of monitor standby and in most fullscreen games and some apps which are OpenGL intensive. Most of us * thought the card was working 100% until we tried to use sleep (which not everyone needs) or tried to play games or fullscreen apps like Parallels. Try UnigineHeaven (as an example) in full screen mode and see what I mean. Check the log in Consol after having to force a reboot. NVDA OpenGL channel timeouts and errors are logged as soon as you hit fullscreen. These games and Unigine work 100% in window mode, but as soon as you enter a fullscreen space, (ML makes extensive use of spaces) the display freezes on a black screen. I posted a bit more under the Graphics Card section. This applies to all GF108 & GF116 cards. 550Ti has a GF116 GPU. Unfortunately, no-one has any advice or has come any closer to a solution. So until a solution is found, this card cannot be considered as 100% working. *By "us", I am referring to other forums besides this one (sigh! yes 'that one' too) Not much responses to issues on here lately so I end up where Google takes me... which has not been much use.
  7. Before using the script, I would not have been able to try games or fullscreen apps. All the script does is place the correct values in libclh.dylib to enable OpenCL, Nothing else. I tried wake from sleep way before that though. This issue , it seems, affects anyone using a GF108 or GF116 GPU. 550Ti happens to have a GF116 GPU. It seems that support for these chipsets may have either been dropped or the drivers have bugs in them. ALthough all else seems to be fine. Transitions and animations are really smooth and perfect. Even HD Video has a very smooth transition to full screen and back.There are some real Mac users having the same issue on the Apple support forums. Some of the posts regarding these issues have been deleted by Apple. (they always do that!) The complaints are about Wake from sleep freezing their machine (black Screen), Freezes after coming out of monitor standby or certain apps freezing the machine in fullscreen mode. Pretty much the same experience I am having. The common denominator is the error message in Consol: (on real Macs too) kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout! kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! exception type = 0x1f = Fifo: MMU Error kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! exception type = 0x1f = Fifo: MMU Error kernel[0]: 0000006e Which repeats itself for as long as the machine is left running after wake from sleep / some full screen games or apps / monitor standby. Unigine Heaven causes this instantly if run in fullscreen, but not in window mode. At first it was thought to be AGPM causing the issue. But it goes beyond that. This has happened since MLDP1. In Lion, all is well. Been posting these issues on many boards, but no solution has been found. Edited Post Title since this issue iappears to be affecting all cards using the Nvidia GF108 / GF116 chipset . Cards Known to be affected are the 430 / 450 / 550 / 620 and 630 range of Nvidia cards. Those that have posted positive results using any of these cards have said they are not using sleep and have not tried Unigine Heaven - some even claim that games run fine for them. Only one mac game I have plays fine full screen, but I get a blue screen when exiting the game.
  8. Installed ML without a problem and thought all was fine. I did not add or remove any graphic related kexts. Only using GraphicsEnabler=Yes in boot.plist. Only kext changes made are: Patched the AppleRTC kext to get sleep working without bios reset, replaced AppleHDA with a patched version to enable Audio and installed kexts for Network, Wireless adaptor & USB3.0 and replaced IOUSBFamily.kext with one from MLDP3 (with the ML GM version, USB3.0 does not work). Everything works perfectly - but OpenCL. I enabled OpenCL using the following Script in Terminal: sudo perl -pi -e '$c++ if s|\x8b\x87\x1c\x0c\x00\x00\x89\x06\x8b\x87\x20\x0c\x00\x00\x89\x02|\x31\xc0\xff\xc0\xff\xc0\x89\x06\x31\xc0\x89\x02\x90\x90\x90\x90|; END { unless ($c) { warn "No substitutions made\n"; $? =1 } }' /System/Library/Extensions/GeForceGLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/libclh.dylib This enabled OpenCL. Tested with Oceanwave & Luxmark. Ran Cinebench & get similar (slightly better result of 39 fps) result as in Lion. Problem is (even before the Terminal script), Games that ran fine on Lion in full screen mode, give a blank black screen Some leave the arrow cursor on the screen with nothing else. I can play games in windowed mode, but full screen gives me a black screen that I can't get out of. (Most of my games are fullscreen only) Parallels works fine in Modality mode (also windowed) but when I go full screen, the screen breaks up into random squares with bits of the display all over like a messed up tile mosaic. Unigine Heaven also works fine - in windowed mode, but same thing... black screen with an arrow cursor in full screen mode. Sleep: My machine goes to sleep, but when I wake it from sleep, the login box appears and flickers. When I enter my password, the screen is black. Not sure what to try next. I have tried with only GraphicsEnabler=Yes, tried graphics injected into my DSDT with GraphicsEnabler=No, and Graphics enabler =Yes with UseNvidiaROM = Yes and added a compiled Video ROM file to Extra. (obviously used each on their own) All of these methods produce the same result (as above). Even tried both DVI ports ... in case!?! EDIT: Add EFI strings to the list... tried that too. Could some kind soul please help? Games are no fun in wondowed mode - besides which, I always like to get full funcionality as far as possible.