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    [solved] MSI U100 GMA950 0x27A68086 bufferframe on SL

    The reason seems to be Chameleon Loader. Some change was made with versions( build > 168x). Rollback to Chameleon 1400 and everything seems okay. Will follow this issue and list a tutorial here. [follow- up] The keypoint is: put both 0x27ae8086 0x27a28086 in [iopcimatch] secions of *.kext / Content/Info.plist . It seems one is for framebuffer and the other for rendering engine. Usually you could find 0x27ae kexts from osx86 but don't forget to put 27a2 in iopcimatch as well. And I used to make use of netbook-installer (google project) but give it up for its unfriendly bootloader. The effective part of this pack is in fact evilappleacpi & eviliopcifamily kexts in Extra directory. Without these two packages you could not reach single user mode, and it could cause other minor issues. Just forget about its (netbook-installer) modules because they are mostly built-in components in ChameLeon's newer versions. As MSIWIND uses rtk wifi& eth adapters, you have to install realtek pro and rollback io80211family to 10.6.7 to prevent disconnection issues. It is advised to keep 10.6.7 AppleACPIPlatform.kext IOACPIFamily.kext in /Extra directory to overwrite 10.6.8 ones, which might be a coordination for io80211faimly.kext. Audio is always a problem. But not so big with u100. In fact I set up two msi wind u100 laptops. This instruction just works.
  2. I have trouble with framebuffer of a very specific set : Intel GMA 945 GME on MSI U100. After a lot of search on internet, none package could solve this issue and I turn to professionals here. U100 has a 945GME core, with [0x27A68086 on bus 0:2:1 ] as VGA controller with bufferframe facility & rendering engineering, as well as [ 0x27AE8086 on bus 0:2:0] as GFX0. Judging from outcome of IORegistryExplorer, it seems INCORRECT that most posts says 0x27A6 is a controller for external display. Infact, "IONDRVSupport" provides "Framebuffer functions" @ [0x27A68086] ; and [0x27AE8086 @ bus 0:2:0] works as a framebuffer CLIENT. I set it up with Snow Leopard 10.6.7 Installation DVD with ANDY's legacy_Kernel_v8 (atom support), and put an online update to 10.6.8. Anyway, when I tried to overwrite the device-id in order that official kext could drive 0x27a6 as 0x27a2, I failed to find DSDT secions. Well After following Andy's post [Intel GMA945 (0x27AE8086+0x27A28086) resolution + CI/QE/OpenGL solution] I got following issues: 1. LCD or VGA could not recognize its resolution even if I adjusted it to "800x600x32@60Hz" with VNC . 2. Display settings does have more options, but they are for desktop 4:3 VGAs. No native 1024x600x32 LCD 16:9 settings available. 3. On board LCD turns gray, VGA got unrecognizable 1175x___@75Hz signal 4. It does NOT help to add deviceid to kexts (AppleIntelGMA950&AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer) Even so, I got some pictures with Andy's kext with screenshots. Please check the screenshot & dsdt @ http://www.insanelym...-wind-oem-dsdt/ Thanks in advance
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    MSI Wind U100 Unmodified DSDT



    This file is directly extracted by Ubuntu acpidump. This is an unmodified DSDT that can be used with patching tools. For your references: P0P2 -->PEG, VGA controller IGD --> GFX0 HPET , HDEF does NOT exist BufferFrame etc does NOT work with any known kexts on 10.6.8 . Anyway it used to work on 10.5x. Please help to resolve this issue at post http://www.insanelym...ferframe-on-sl/