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    ASUS N56VM / N56VZ / N76VZ Hackintoshable?

    Oh {censored}, there is a HP ProBook equipped with i7 and dedicated nvidia quadro card? thats sweet... i havent seen a model of ProBook like that when i was looking for probooks.. cool thanks!
  2. wilsoxu

    Installing Mac OS X 10.8 on my new HP DV6T-7000

    Hey shadyblue9o9! I've had the "failed to install" before but on my SL build. It should work when you boot it up though. Check it out!
  3. wilsoxu

    Installing Mac OS X 10.8 on my new HP DV6T-7000

    Oh thanks very much James Litter! I thought Mountain Lion was NOT a standalone. THANKS for clarification though! (:
  4. wilsoxu

    Installing Mac OS X 10.8 on my new HP DV6T-7000

    You can install ML without previous Mac OSX?
  5. wilsoxu

    Lenovo ThinkPad Y580 Notebook

    I cannot find anything about the Wireless Card so.. I guess it isn't compatible with hackintoshing.However,I've read that Mountain Lion supports to GT 6xxM and GTX 6xxM cards. They are referred as the "Kepler" cards .
  6. wilsoxu

    Installing Mac OS X 10.8 on my new HP DV6T-7000

    Hey try using a different vmware software. There are many companies with vmware products like java and their Virtual Box. When you get it working you NEED Snow Leopard (w/ latest update (10.6.8)) in order to install ML. So when you put the SL file into your USB you need to patch your USB with a tool called, BridgeHelper. (Am not allowed to provide links as I will get banned.) This BridgeHelper tool will ensure you that your Hackintosh SL will run on your Ivy Bridge system. You can then continue with installing ML. CHEERS! (: For the record, I haven't tested it out but I'm planning to get an Ivy Bridge laptop as well. (:
  7. Hey community, I've looked around and I have yet to see a Y580 ThinkPad topic. I've been having my eyes on this little guy and I'm wondering if it will work with hackintoshing? There's a great sale happening on Lenovo.. (not gonna link because I don't want to get banned just in case.. but google up Y580 sale if you're interested) ANYWAY, here are the specs for this baby: Intel Core i7-3610QM NVIDIA GeForce GTX660M 2GB Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200BGN I think the graphics card is not compatible...? Thanks, Wilso
  8. wilsoxu

    ASUS N56VM / N56VZ / N76VZ Hackintoshable?

    The thing is HP pro books don't have the specs I'm looking for. Are there any better laptops that are supported well? I'm looking for laptops around 1000 USD/CAD.
  9. Hey all, I've been wondering for quite some time and I've done my research. I have been searching everywhere for answers about these laptops whether they are hackintosh able and I cannot find any answers at all. I have previously hackintoshed my pc but I really want to buy a laptop now and prefer these as they are almost of the same specs as the apple Mac book pros. Thank you all.