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  1. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    I made a checklist for the parts I got. View first post.
  2. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    I found a Broadcom BCM20702+BCM94313 mPCI-E card on eBay. If both the Bluetooth and WiFi won't work, are there any other combo cards that are dual-band and have BT4.0?
  3. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    Oh, sounds like a lot of work. I'll skip the vlog when it comes to soldering. I have a Late 2005 G5, so I can't use any of those custom back I/O panels. I haven't got much soldering skills, only the basics. Thanks for the links, though. I changed my parts list. Look at the first post. Thanks!
  4. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    My PowerMac G5 is coming in in a few days. Yay! My mobo doesn't have TOSLINK in. Do you know any USB solutions (maybe USB to audio in, and mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK)? As for the USB , can I just strip a USB extension cable and solder it to the bottom of the logic board? I really don't want to cut out the I/O panel at the back. Thanks!
  5. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    Exactly how would I hook those up? There are only three pins. N00b question.
  6. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    I can't seem to find any 5v to 3.3v converters, such as the one in @Swhay's guide.. Do you know a site that would sell them? Thanks!
  7. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    @JamesLittler, it's fine. I'll take the DIY route. Thanks anyway. Thanks for the heads-up, @PookyMacMan. =D
  8. PowerMac G5 Late 2005 ATX/mATX Mod

    Thanks for the replies! I settled on a G5, and I will be buying the Front Panel cables from one of the board members. A question - does anyone know if the Bluetooth 4.0 module in the Retina MacBook Pro is Mini PCI-E? I know that IOGEAR makes a USB adapter, but I prefer an original Apple part. Thanks! =D
  9. Hi! I'm planning on building a Hackintosh, and it is my first time building a computer from scratch. I have taken apart a computer and put it back together successfully quite a few times. Although I have no experience with Hackintoshes, I have been doing by reading. Anyways, I plan on building my Hackintosh into a PowerMac G5 chassis. I have little (very, very little) experience with rotaries and soldering, and no experience with hardware modding. These are the parts I plan on using: Intel DZ77GA-70K Motherboard EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SC 3GB (Yes) Intel Core i7-3770K Processor (Yes) Intel 330 Series SSD - 240GB LG BH12LS35 Lightscribe Blu-Ray Writer Corsair 500W Modular PSU Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM (Yes) Aluminum Apple Cinema Display 20" (Yes) Apple Bluetooth Module Apple WiFi-N Module (Yes) Feel free to make any suggestions as to the parts I'm using. What I'm mainly concerned about is the front and back I/O panel. Can somebody write a step-by-step guide as to how to make the case fully ATX-ready? Is there someone who could also make a cover for the bottom where it has to be cut, and make the cover look Apple-like? Thank you very much.