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  1. NForce SATA Controller

    Thanks a lot MeDevil! AppleNForceATA: NVIDIA nForce MCP51 by MeDevil AppleNForceATA::scanForDrives found 1 units. AppleNForceATA: phy connection failed. status=0x00000000 Can't install leopard using Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 AMD When can developed a newer versions?
  2. MCP51 USB1.0 or 1.1 OSX AppleUSBOHCI panic so can't use usb mousebeacause my laptop no PS2 portso does someone can help me ?AppleUSBOHCI UIMInitialize unable to get device memeory (I tried Uphuck 1.4a .1.3u and all driver but all the same so I must remove it)AppleUSBOHCI UIMInitialize unable to get device memeory (I tried Uphuck 1.4a .1.3u and all driver but all the same so I must remove it)
  3. Hi MeDevil I'm on want my geforce go 6100 to get 1280x800 resolution But I was using MacVidia 1.0.8 or 1.0.7 but none of them can be use no information go verbose it can't to boot gui screen only text mode My Video Card ID is:0x0247 I was using uphuck 1.4a
  4. I just want let my usb and geforce go 6100 to 1280x800 resolution. can you help me?
  5. -aKy-:(SATA working Sound ALC883 working ) I was use VMWare installed Tubigril 10.4.10 AMD Finial version then remove the AppleNforceATA , Natit ,Titan, and AppleUSBOHCI Because Onboard GeForce 6150 /6100 - Does not work (only VESA, not Natit or Titan) ,Only resolution with IGP : 1024 X 768. and AppleUSBOHCI can get a panic: AppleUSBOHCI UIMInitialize unable to get device memeory (I tried Uphuck 1.4a .1.3u and all driver but all the same so I must remove it) but touchpad can use (because it like ps2 connector) And the NForce Network Controller can't working ( using forcedeth.kext) So There are three big problem : 1. Wanna to 1280 X 768 resolution 2. USB support 3. Network ing I 'm and MCP51 device 's friend very thanks who can give some usefull information
  6. To my surprise the disk would not boot it says something about some kext missing. So i continued to use the vmware method. after installing i installed the AppleNForceATA.kext that i found on this site. Now the native boot goes fine until:CODEStarting Virtual MemoryRemoving /mach.sym /var/tmp/folders.* /etc/nologin /private/_tmp_/ /var/_run_ /private/var/vm/swapfile0After those two lines the computer freezesI was used uphuck 1.4a and 1.3u and nForce4 ATA/SATA (coded with medevil) driverbut that native boot goes this information and freezes :Starting Virtual MemoryRemoving /mach.sym /var/tmp/folders.* /etc/nologin /private/_tmp_/ /var/_run_ /private/var/vm/swapfile0what can i do? someone says that this driver just only read data can't write? is that true?I 'm a notebook computer ,so can't replace my harddriver AND my BIOS can't setup PATA mode I 'm a MAC hot fans please,please help me!!!! My SATA controler ID 0x026610DE Thanks
  7. I was used tub_Osx10410_AMDVM_SSE3.iso or uphuck1.4a and every time native boot goes above info and freezeswhat can i do? wait the new AppleNForceATA driver? Some others says that the kernel can't full support AppleNForceATA in tigerbut now the leopard comes out .who can tell me the nForce4 at last can or can't support?and how to do rebuild the AppleNForceATA sources to support me?My SATA controler ID 0x026610DEThanks for answer^_^I 'm a notebook computer ,can't change my harddriverAND my BIOS can't setup PATA mode