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  1. radeon 9550 cant change resolution

    That makes sense but sucks at the same time.
  2. radeon 9550 cant change resolution

    No one has a solution?
  3. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    Hmm ok makes sense. 200mb download limit that sucks.
  4. atheros 5008 need kext!

    Hey all, I have 10.4.8 JaS installed and i have a atheros 5008, it saposta run natively but i got have the atheros kext and if anyone could help me out here and either send me the kext or tell me how to get this thing to work that would be so awesome.
  5. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    Wouldent the easiest way be porting the linux way instead of starting from the ground up, i know no one knows how but in theory it should work if we got someone who can to do it
  6. I can't seem to get os x to let me change my resolution no matter what i do i tried changing it by editing com.apple.boot.plist Can anyone help me? Oh and my card is 100% recognized by system profiler. Edit: using 10.4.8 JaS (AMD) My monitor is a 50" LCD TV and i need the resolution to be 1280x768x32@60
  7. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    So basically from what i understand we just need software to force the card into S0 mode.
  8. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    I figured id jump in ive got a acer 5570 (forgot exact model) and i have a intel 3945 and a brodcom 4311. unfortunately neither work, although progress has been made on the intel card, i dont care what cad i have to use i just want internet so anything i can do to help id like to do.
  9. keep up the good work can't wait for wireless in OS X on my acer 5570.
  10. Questions for a Guru

    Hello everyone, i have a broadcom 4311(got off ebay works in windows), and a intel 3945abg(again works in windows) but nither seem to power on in osx, but you already knew that . My laptop is a acer aspire 5570. and would like to help anyway i could. you went by any chance loking at a biso hack to get this card to power on in osx because i don't want to risk my baby just for osx goodness lol. [wasent referring o the error 104] ps: unfortunately i cant code yet, although once i get to collage i plan to take courses for it, to bad i cant go forward in time then come back and help that way ha ha.
  11. What about a non-hpet cpu ie. A Intel core duo T2450?
  12. Thanks for that info for just getting it marked as a gift, but one poped op on ebay yesterday in canada its a dw1390 (dell) i read it works n os x
  13. I found a couple on eBay but they are in Amarica does anyone know what the boarder chargers are for a mini pci express wireless card that is 15.95-ish Canadian?
  14. 1)don't have an answer for you 2)Any C2D(core 2 duo) would be my recommendation 3)GMA 950 works great in OSX86, i know from experience. 4)Minimum 1gig i would recommend 2gigs doesn't really matter what brand
  15. I installed osx on my laptop and everything works perfectly...except the wireless card, but i heard that broadcom cards work so where in Canada can I pick one up.