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    Install SL on 4GB SSD

    I've followed Mk500's guide and been able to get a bootable USB stick with SL 10.6 on it. Runs well (so far) on my Eee PC 901. Have people installed SL on the 4GB SSD? If so, what SL files, applications etc can be deleted to get the file size down? Have not been able to get wifi to work yet. Have Ralink RT2790 installed. Any fixes to get airport / wifi to work?
  2. [RESOLVED] I'm working on installing SL 10.6.0 on an Eee PC 901 following MK500's guide in this forum. I have formatted a 16GB USB stick and installed Chameleon. I have installed an image of SL by running OSInstall.mpkg. Used Terminal to turn on owner permissions as per guide then copy extensions from Mk500's zip file into S/L/E on the USB. However a number of files don't transfer correctly as they are greyed out and show zero bytes; some transfer okay. Could this be a permissions problem? When I check the Extension folder, I can delete the original and duplicate and then copy file and it appears to transfer okay. I follow the remainder of the guide instructions however when I boot on the 901, it times out at ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin. Any suggested fix? Used next utility to repair permissions. Now have SL working on Eee PC 901 using USB stick. One key problem remains: can't get WiFi to work. Eee PC 901 Intel Atom CPU N270 1gb RAM BIOS Rev 1502 Ralink network card