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  1. theconsumer1

    OSX86.net taken down?

    Is someone going to respond to these requests? Someone on this forum has contact info. A lot of these hackintosh communities are inter-related to one another. Fortunately, I saved a lot of my posts as .PDFs over the years because i knew this site was dying long ago... We all saw it coming. But it would be nice to get some of our documents. Oh and an email to the forum admins prior to just ripping down a site would've been nice too - thanks
  2. theconsumer1


    What happened to OSX86.net ??? The site is down. I had a feeling one day this would happen. I always loved the site and have had great hackintosh successes from the folks over there. I have been with OSX86.net for many many years. Sad to see them go. I would like access to my content, is this possible? Who should i contact?? Thanks
  3. Hi, I recently upgraded to larger NVMe drive... I used Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) software to clone old drive to new... Now some apps do not have the correct permissions. (receipts never copied maybe??) .. Quicktime, TERMINAL, Activity Monitor, etc, won't open. I tried fixing permissions with "First-Aid" and using better tool Onyx... No luck. Any ideas?? Thank u
  4. theconsumer1

    10.12.6 NVMe Support

  5. theconsumer1

    10.12.6 NVMe Support

    Hi, Any feedback on how to achieve? Thanks
  6. theconsumer1

    10.12.6 NVMe Support

    Hi, thanks for the help. This is still unclear... big problem with Hackintosh community. I know nothing about kext patching beyond what I already have in my config.... Pike doesn't describe how to install. Do I manually enter each patch into CC??? Can I load the PLIST into CC?? Do I need to copy IONVMEFamily.Kext for S/L/E to EFI/Other??? None of this is clear and is typical of our community. Thank you regards
  7. theconsumer1

    10.12.6 NVMe Support

    Hi, Can someone please provide guide / information on how to enable NVMe SSD in Sierra 10.12.6. What is the best method / most updated method? SSD is CRUCIAL P1 Thank you
  8. theconsumer1

    Sleep Not Working & Questions

    Millusions, My sleep issue is probably graphics I assume. Just from experience, something tells me it is video. It's def an issue. Manual sleep does nothing. It glitches for a second. Like the mouse freezes and then nothing. It resumes full functional. Ive had a functional hackintosh build since leopard. And 10.13 was the only build I did not run because it was god awful. Nothing wanted to work. I could barely get it to install. Anyway, that neither here nor there. I am waiting for some expert feedback on Nvidia drivers and other issues. I will post config files soon. Open for discussion.
  9. Hi, I am testing my first install of 10.14. so far, sleep is not working. I click sleep and system does nothing. I have not tested if system will sleep by itself or hibernate. I would guess this is due to video drivers maybe? From what I understand, Nvidia web drivers are not available at this time. About This Mac reports incorrect video card stats. Other reason might be CPU power management? Can I use my SSDT created in 10.12? If you need config files, I can post. Thank you
  10. theconsumer1

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    All, Thanks for help. Much appreciated. The reason was APFS drivers not installed in Clover USB. All is good now. I installed Mojave. Sorry for my mistake. Thank you all for the help with this.
  11. theconsumer1

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    Hi, I am installing APFS. I forgot about APFS.efi. Are these available in Clover .PKG installer? Thanks
  12. theconsumer1

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I am using the latest clover. I'm not sure what you mean by web drivers? - this is initial install not post-installation. The drive does not show up in clover menu because its prematurely rebooting at 2 minutes remaining during install. I don't think this is normal, is it? Attached is config files. Thanks for all your help. theconsumer1-10-14-18.zip
  13. theconsumer1

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    I never had any issues before and only had maybe 2 or 3 fixes in my config. How can I see my errors I don't understand how this helps. The installer boots fine. It's during the installation that the system reboots. At 2 minutes remaining. Booting in verbose won't show anything. Thanks for help.
  14. theconsumer1

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    Ok so I used the olarilla app to make a USB installer. Once again the symptoms are the same. Reboot at 2 minutes remaining. Any ideas?
  15. theconsumer1

    *HELP - Reboot During Install 10.14

    Thanks for the link. It's not very clear. Do I need all the DSDT patches in the guide? My config has been fine tuned for many years of hackintoshing... It should work fine out of the box.