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  1. Very strange mouse behavior

    I think I've fixed that issue. After digging around I stumbled upon this: http://www.daniweb.com/hardware-and-software/apple/mac-os-x/threads/11062/mouse-not-working-properly-in-os-x After installing drivers for my Cyborg R.A.T 3 mouse all is back to normal. http://www.cyborggaming.com/download.htm Drivers for Mac are under "software".
  2. Very strange mouse behavior

    Ok I did clearings and fixings but issue still pops, preferably I'd just keep machine running but now after restart its back and doesn't want to go away
  3. Very strange mouse behavior

    Thanks will fix permissions and clear caches.
  4. Very strange mouse behavior

    Ok so interestingly enough this thingy has gone after getting ntfs-3g. But after restart it started to behave strange again (ie. no dock magnify effect). But after minute or so again went out.
  5. Hi! I have very strange and annoying issue. My mouse hoover doesn't work, ie. I hoover over links or other active objects and pointer doesn't change. Its very annoying in many applications as clicks are also misbehaving for that reason (have to click - hold and move mouse for tooltips). Did anyone before have such problem ? I had hacked mac on the same hardware before but there was no such issue. But also I had upgraded from Snow Leopard now I'm on Lion from scratch (ssd failure). My hardware spec is as follows: Intel i5-2500k, Asus P8-Z68-V LX, GeForce GTS 250. Please help
  6. Hello Hackintoshers I have very strange issue that sound doesn't kick in after reboot but only sometimes. I have P8-Z68-V LX Asus motherboard installed 10.7.5 (installed from usb omitting snow leopard) and patched Apple HDA. How could I fix that issue ? Does anyone else had similar problem ? My sound chipset is ALC887. Best regards. Lukasz