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  1. My own ( http://www.mafiasecurity.com ) . Many authors
  2. xLitsx

    Essential Windows Programs

    Use http://www.ninite.com to quickly download all your programs (No this is not an advertisement.) Helpful advise:)
  3. xLitsx


    The old rapidshare.de was clean popular, then rapidshare.com spun off from it, now .de is doing whatever it can to stay alive. xLitsx
  4. xLitsx

    P45 Chipset SL

    Did you have to mod BIOS? xLitsx
  5. xLitsx

    P45 Chipset SL

    No one? xLitsx
  6. xLitsx

    P45 Chipset SL

    P45 chipset was not supported on Leopard due to DSDT; however now most Mac Products finnlly have the P45 chipset has there been any... success stories outside Gigabyte P45? Thanks, xLitsx
  7. xLitsx

    MSI P45

    Anyone else have any success stories? There's gotta be someone out there that has a MSI P45. xLitsx
  8. xLitsx

    MSI P45

    I can't seem to find the link for the .exe or .zip for the BIOS to submit.. Thank you for your reply. http://us.msi.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=P45_Platinum_(HC_Edition)&class=mb xLitsx
  9. xLitsx

    MSI P45

    I need help installing OSx86 on this P45 motherboard. I have been successful on a eVGA 680i, no less, but this board has me baffled. Also successful install on GB P35, retail. And numerous tiger installs back in the day. I've done some searching and I see that their is some problems with the DSDT. I'm pretty sure this has been fixed by 10.5.6 specially when new real mac's are supporting much higher spec CPU. iPC and iDeb 10.5.6 all reboot after flags -x and -v maybe 5 seconds later, not even enough time to tell you where it stops to reboot. --- 10.5.5's seem to install fine, on boot it stops at MAC ADDRESS Filter? That is the DSDT right? -- What are the tool locations to mod BIOS? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=112033&view=findpost&p=804440 Nice Guide, but am unable to find the tools. -- What disadvantages are their to removing it based on running windows? Thanks in advance. xLitsx
  10. Specs in sig... with an IDE DVD Motherboard is currently a eVGA 680i You have MSN?
  11. xLitsx

    x58 MB

    Are the x58 motherboard supported w/ intel i7 Southbridge Intel ICH10R Has to be?
  12. I do not have the time to google and research it, and it might be an easy find i don't even know.. simple answer to this questions.. If I Buy an iMac would I be able to use that display for windows if i get the adpapter and everything? Would I be able to use like a DVI KVM? Would this work better on a g5, personnally I'd rather go with the imac, and use that as my main windows display but run my whitebox... i just like their displays a lot but I want a mac desktop. Who knows maybe ill buy laptop, not the macbook pro or air, but by then in a year or so they may have a different one for me, step up from macbook, step down from macbook pro... Any rumors of this happening? Thanks --- EDIT: I'm doing this because I love Mac now.. . after hackintosh, i want to pay them, they deserve it... hardware ill deal with, why i got windows for games My limit for a deskto would be a near basic imac or a g5 under 1000, i think.... would I be able to get any kind of warrenty apple protection on that? Where would they sell it? eBay? Sorry turned out to be more questions then i thought.
  13. xLitsx

    Need help with Gigabyte GA-Ep43-DS3L

    Try 10.5.4, its what im using and motherboard is alomost exatct....Try using guild instead of MBR during install.. Might have to remove the charminonlon (sp) bootloader.
  14. xLitsx

    Ok Heres the deal.

    I got sick and my sister felt really bad and bought me a 80gig zune. Is there anyway any program anywhere at any price to make this work on a mac.