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  1. so, I have had real macs for the last 9 years. my imac G5 ppc power supply died so I hacked a pc psu and got it back to life but it wasn't powering the internal screen so external it was. then the GPU started stuttering so I reballed it. (hot air gun) it's not stable (GPU overheating issues once a week) so durring hard rubbish collection I found a dell dimension 3100 which was not booting to post but when I changed the MB battery I had success. succefully loaded ideneb 10.5.6 -no internal audio but usb audio works great though. anyway my 2tb imac hdd is obviously GUID. whereas my hackintosh hdd is MBR. question - if I add the GUID drive to the hackintosh as a 2nd drive then will there be problems? thanks
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    Still Waiting for root device

    hi, i was trying to install 10.5.6. ideneb on a dimension 3100 dell. I kept getting the "root device not found" anyway. finally i set up the HDD in diskutil using MBR rather then GUID. I read that in some post somewhere. MBR + dell dimension 3100. AFter installation I restarted and my computer rebooted into a successfully loaded 10.5.6 this was after a lot of attempts trying install OSX using GUID. I don't have sound through the internal speaker yet but using a USB sound dongle works. haven't tested ethernet. -edit : don't have ethernet. but anyway, try MBR rather than GUID. may work. it seemed to work for my dimension 3100 dell..