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  1. hi guys! this my second pc amd dual core x64 5600+ mn32-sli deluxe nvidia geforce 8800gtx 4 gb ram hd 80gb sataII installation is very slow btw i have tryied beta kernel for amd but on the reboot kernel panic. one installation works fine with legacy kernel, amd patch, packets to prevent cmos reset, graphic enabler(nvinject e nv enable doesnt work). when restart for the first time the pc seems to be fast, (resolution blocked 1024x768). next reboot is so slow and pc must take 15 mins to see and move the mouse. i think the problem is the geforce because ethernet and sounds works great. i have found a lot of kext but nothing. with osx86tools try custom graphic efi string or selected by the list and i have blocked the resolution at 1920x1080. its works but the pc is so slow (25mins to see desktop and 5 for open safari)... anyone have a good idea?? or other version of osx that i could try (lion, snowleopard etc?) thanks all and sorry for my english
  2. hi guys, i'm trying by 3 days to install mac osx into my 2 pc: lenovo thinkcentre m55 intel core 2 duo 1,86ghx 1gb ram HD sata 80gb intel gma 3000. bcm5787 many times i have installed mac osx on reboot, shows the black screen that say: hold down the power button....etc. i don't know which packets i must install for this pc. i'm using Snow_Leopard_10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard. in the customization i have tried mac osx 10.6.1 mac osx 10.6.2 boot loader charmeleon rc3 10.5 kernel, nothing (default vanilla) network none sound none achi fix cmos_reset (all) quicktime 7. try gma3500 but not work so i have installed other times graphic enabler. (also try to install bcm5787 kext but nothing) one time macosx start and sound works but resolution is block to 1024x768 and the computer is so slow. the problem are network (kext doenst work) and the driver for gma 3000 (i have see the this card support 1920x1080x32) anyone can help me to install correctly this osx? or other version of osx that i could try (lion, snowleopard etc?) sorry for my bad english i hope you understand me