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  1. No matter how many webcams I plugged in, it doesnt work, previously after a fresh install and update to 10.6.3, the webcam is recognized as a native iSight camera and it works pretty good. After I followed the update instructions(backup IOUSBFamily.KEXT), then update to 10.6.7 first and then 10.6.8, the camera is only recognized as USB 2.0 Camera now, idk what is wrong, I open photo Booth, it shows a black screen. I checked under System Profiler : USB : Product ID : 0x62c0 Vendor ID : 0x0c45(Sonix Technology LTD) No success with Macam, everything is faiilll. My only hope now is to find the Native iSight kext for 10.6.3, because 10.6.8 broke it. Anyone bother to upload plz? I searched on Macam, it has a device ID and vendor ID match, but it says it was a built in DV9000? Mine is a built in Acer Asspie One ZG5. I also plugged in a cheap USB 2.0 webcam I got from chinatown that claims to support OSX(as seen on box!), Plugged in, same result. I also downloaded the AnyiSightKext, but it always only supporting Suyin.
  2. Acer Aspire One AO756 Dual boot win7 & Snow Leopard

    Good day sir, in order to perform this, you must first have windows 7 installed, never install OS X first. However, if you had installed OSX, and have trouble installing windows 7 later due to the fact Windows 7 doesn't install in GPT Hard drives : Now, when you had installed windows 7, you need to get Chameleon Windows Installer : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/255052-chameleon-install-21-rev-1806-for-windows/ Go to Start -> Computer(Right click) -> Manage -> Disk Management -> Find the hidden 100mb system reserve(right click) -> Assign Letter Run the chameleon installer, wait till everything is successful, then restart. Before your system boots up, plug in the USB stick containing OSX(I assumed that you had already know how to install OSX SL into this machine) Windows bootloader will give you an option to choose between Windows 7 or Chameleon, choose Chameleon, then your USB drive. Install OSX from USB. Ta da!
  3. recently installed OSX SL on my brand new second hand acer aspire one ZG5. I've installed it following the methods of http://basshead.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/snow-leopard-on-acer-aspire-one-aoa150zg5/ however, instead of using a retail install I used iAtkos, but the kexts are the same anyways. so, well, the Ethernet couldn't work, so as wifi(but its already stated on the blog), the Ethernet shows this : Ethernet Self-Assigned IP <---> Status : Connected Ethernet has a self assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the Internet Configure IPv4 : Using DHCP IP address : <insert IP Address here> (the ip address doesnt match the one I acquired using a desktop. Subnet Mask : Router : <blank> how to fix this?
  4. Chameleon install on USB without existing osx?

    somehow, Acer Aspire One requires Chameleon to boot with, u can't boot directly from the usb with the osx installer. Also, I've downloaded this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=201850 And installed it into another drive via VirtualBox. So currently I'm trying to boot via Pendrive A(With Chameleon), so I can choose Pendrive B(With OSX Installer) But when I boot into Pendrive A(which is a success, somehow), I select Pendrive B with iAtkos S3, it says mach_kernel not found, there's somebody with a solution in the topic but it doesn't work. Am I screwed?
  5. recently, I screwed up my hdd, now it boots with boot0:error and osx is the only partition I have now. Previously, I had windows in it, so I used the Chameleon Windows Installer : http://www.insanelym...howtopic=170079 The problem is, it only installs to the hdd, and not other locations as the OSX chameleon which have the "Install in other locations" so I can install in USB. So ya, currently, I dont have a : -working osx -bootable pendrive that doesnt requires Chameleon. -working windows copy, because I screwed that up, too(Windows wont install in GPT) I need a chameleon installer which I can access from Windows which is also able to install chameleon on USB. Specs : Acer Aspire One ZG5 Doesnt quite fit in the netbook subforum since this is a really general problem.