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  1. almost same status here for enabling LVDS on HP Elitebook 8460p... I have patched ati.c with the card id and vendor/subsustem and compile the last chameleon trunk with xcode command line tools. When launching with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and a VGA screen connected on the subd15, the LVDS screen and the vga crt are BOTH recognized and attached to ATY,ATY_RadeonFramebuffer@0 and @1 respectively. the first screen contains the menu bar, and the vga screen is just a background picture. by using Monitor Pref, I was able to miror the LCD screen to the VGA screen. qe/ci fully working. the LCD EDID is loaded and the LCD resolution can reach 1600x900. but the LCD remains desesperately BLACK... logically it works, but not physically. forgot to mention that the 6470M apears in the System Info as "HD 6xxx" then I have patched the Hydrilla framebuffer in ATI6000Controler.kext with the 20 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 and various value for the LVDS on the first port, and the 10 00 00 00 blabla. for the vga on port 5. when launchng with GraphicsEnabler=Yes AtiConfig=Hydrilla, then the card is recognized as "HD 6470M" and I get almost the same result than without the AtiConfig parameter... BLACK LCD I have also extraced the ATI Register value with Aida64 (on windows 7) but I cannot find a register where the value gives any result in the LVDS framebuffer ... one direction could be to review the source code for the linux drivers in order to understand how the framebuffer value are calculated I put this on hold for couple of days and hope you guys will make some progress
  2. Dual Link DSDT for and Elitebook 8460p

    Hi which bios and config do you have ? why do you want to have the dual link ? on my side I have 8460p with the HD6470M and I desperately try to get the video to work. Even a fall back to the HD3000 would be acceptable. At the moment I m working in VGA mode 1024x768 and this is painful.
  3. ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 now WORKS CI/QE !

    I figure out to get acceleration on Lion for my 6910p using the X2300 (10027188) after trying all sort of mod, I get somethingworking by: - mv /System/Library/Extensions/ATI* ~/Backup -edit Info.plist from ATI1300Controller.kext and change the pci1002,7187 by pci1002,7188 -edit Info.plist from ATIRadeonX1000.kext and change the 7187 occurence by 7188 -replace 2 occurence of 87710000 in the MacOSX related file (there are 4 ! be carefull only 2 are valid. to identify the right adress, you should search some other device ID like DE710000 then you realize that the adresse range is close to the previous one) -mv these 2 files back in the S/L/E -also copy the ATISupport.kext in S/L/E -rm -rf Extensions.mkext in S/L/E -kextcache -system-caches -repair permission reboot reboot again, in case of works to some extend but not the DVD. Then need to copy the GA and GLD kext and VAplugin. but this brings some issue with finder... WIP