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  1. You've gotta rename the Mountain Lion app in your Applications folder to the name of the Lion app. The exact name is in the aforemention program, it's one of the check boxes. It's something like OS X Lion.app.
  2. Yes, that sounds correct as far as the bios settings go. I can't remember for sure what I checked, but I think it was laptop support and not legacy USB.
  3. My first suggestion is to check the BIOS settings. My biggest problem with the installers locking up was when I had the USB settings in the BIOS set incorrectly. I don't remember the names of the settings you are changing, but the first one should be set to Auto and second one should be set to "Auto Enabled". Then try booting from your USB installer again. If you do a search for what you are looking for with the word torrent at the end, you should be able to find it. At least that's how I ended up finding it. No I did not use other utilities. Just the unnamed utility. I think I also made my own bootable USB by following a guide and using the 10.8 app file I downloaded from the App Store and that worked too once my bios settings were correct. I don't know about installing 10.8 on USB, although I would think it would work ok. I still have to boot from the USB flash drive and pick the internal SSD to boot to 10.8, but it's not a big problem. I don't know why I cannot get Chameleon to install on the 32GB SSD so the BIOS will recognize it as a bootable device. You will probably need to have an external mouse and possibly keyboard plugged in when you boot to the installer. Then you can change the kexts to get them working. Good luck.
  4. I did some testing this morning/afternoon. With the device id from zenlion and hooked up through HDMI I get some lines on the left side of the monitor after the grey apple screen and that's all. Hooked up through VGA I get a black screen after the apple screen. I think the device id needs to be changed for those to work. I also worked on the USB to Ethernet adapter. I installed the drivers from here and they did not work. I edited the Info.plist inside the kext to change the product ID, it installed and got the adapter working. The AX88772b file I have attached was stored in the Plugins folder of IONetworkingFamily.kext in S/L/E. You should be able to put the file there, rebuild the caches and permissions and the USB adapter should work. I also attached the IONetworkingFamily.kext with the file in it. I believe you can just replace the old file with the new one once you unzip it, rebuild caches and permissions and restart and it should work. Thanks. AX88772.kext.zip IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip
  5. I was having problems getting to the installer earlier. I figured out the problem was the USB Settings in the BIOS and just tested it. I could boot to the USB installer if I have the settings set to Auto and Auto Enabled from top to bottom. At least I think that's what they said. When I changed the top setting to Enabled, the installer didn't boot. Once I got it installed I removed the Geforce kexts and that solved boot problems I had booting from the 32GB SSD. Well, solved them other than the fact that I can't get the SanDisk SSD to be bootable through the BIOS. It doesn't show up as a bootable option. I can write a different bootable image to the SSD and it shows up as bootable in the BIOS. I have installed Chameleon and it doesn't change anything. I can boot via the USB drive to the SSD though. Also the device key that I quoted here gives you the correct resolution, thanks for that zenlion. I also installed the VoodooPS2 kexts that allow the touchpad to work as a mouse and the keyboard works as well. Thank you everybody for your help.
  6. Thanks. I tried -x, which I had tried before but forgot to mention, and I got the same message. So I grabbed a different flash drive and remade it again with UB 1.4 and ML. I followed zenlion's directions to the letter through #3 and got the same result. Here's another screenshot when I booted with -x -v. Any other ideas? I have been messing around with this for a few days and I am about out of ideas.
  7. Hello, I am having the same problems as gsly. I have replaced the HDD with a Crucial M4 256GB. I just prepared a USB 2.0 flash drive with UB 1.4 and the ML app I downloaded from the App Store. When I boot with -v I get the following screen, I did take the picture before it went to the dreaded, "Still waiting for root device." That seems to be the message I have gotten the most often. Previously, I have tried about every boot flag known to man and downloaded a lot of kexts that have to do with USB and installed them onto S/L/E on the flash drive with KextWizard. I have also tried building my own installer and used UB 1.5 and myhack and none of them worked either. The only way I have gotten to the installer was if I write a boot image to the built-in SanDisk SSD and set the BIOS to boot from it. I want to install OSX to the SSD, so that doesn't really do much for me. Thanks for any help you can provide. Since I can boot to the installer from the SSD, it leads me to believe the problem is definitely related to the USB ports. Thanks for any help you can provide.