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  1. My REAL 1st Hackintosh

    Ignore all other posts I have made, this is the one I am going to do if it kills me!! Instead of going through other people's e-garbage trying to piece together the parts for a HT, I'm going go stick with what I know best. I pulled the Gateway e4300's measly 43 GB hard drive out, and installed it as a second hard drive into my daily used HP a6000n PC so I can try my hand at a set up that I know is fast, I know has good graphics, and I know has working drives, etc. I have taken a look a few of the AMD Hackintosh tutorials and I am going to give them a go sometime tomorrow (when I can pick up another SATA cable) Here are the install method's I'm going to try (in this order) Hazard 10.6.2 distro (found a decent tutorial on youtube HERE) Devout's 10.6.8 method (HERE) iAtkosv7's Method ( ) I'll post on here and on my blog (find on my portfolio link below) Wish me luck! ------------ Here are my system specs (for good measure) Processor AMD LIVE!™ Made to Bring It All Together • AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4200+ • 2.2GHz, 512KB+512KB L2 Cache Operating system installed Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium platform AMD LIVE!™ Made to Bring It All Together Chipset NVIDIA nForce 430 Chipset Standard memory 1024MB Memory type DDR2-SDRAM Memory slots 4 DIMM (184-pin, DDR2) (two available) Internal drives Internal hard disk drive 250GB Hard disk controller Serial ATA hard drive Hard disk drive speed (7200 rpm) Optical drive type DVD writer Optical drive speed SuperMulti DVD Burner 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R DL, 4x DVD-R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 16x DVD-ROM, 40x CDR, 32x CDRW, 40x CD-ROM System features Memory card device 15in1 memory card reader Modem 56k modem Network interface Ethernet 10/100BT integrated network interface Internal audio High Definition Audio, 8 speaker configurable Keyboard HP multimedia keyboard External drive bays 2 external 5.25"(one available), 1 external 3.5" (one available) Expansion slots 2 PCI slots (1 available), 1 PCI-E x16 slot (available), 1 PCI-E x1 slot (available)
  2. I think I'm going to leave the building for another day, I'll work on getting the 4300 Mac'd up first, then go from there.
  3. Hello all! I am beginning my journey into building my first Hackintosh, more so out of boredom and curiosity than an real need. Want, yes - need, no I have been doing my fair share of research and found the tonymacx86 (yeah, yeah, I know he's not everyone's favorite person in this commnity...) "povomac" build and it look simple and cheap enough (PovoMac Build Here) to build. I already had a couple of old computers at my disposal to get a case, power supply and DVD drive from: Gateway e4100 (no DVD drive, but liked the compact case) Gateway e4300 (has DVD drive, same case as above) Gateway e6100 (larger case) In my research of the cases above (seeing if I could get lucky and source a chipset, ram, etc) and I did get lucky and saw that someone had already done a hackintosh using the Gateway e4300 using a Celeron D processor. (Here is the e4300 build) The one that I can source has a Pentium 4 HT processor, but I know that the hyper threading can be turned off in the BIOS. What does it look like to you guys? Does it look like the e4300 can make a go of it? If not, its ok, I'll just use the case, HD, power supply and ram, and find another chipset, etc from the list. I'm only asking because I am a new Here is the "povomac" build list that I sourced from tonymacx86 in a Google Doc so I can break down what I have and don't have a little better. With the build already done on the e4300 above, it only has OS X 10.4.8, I really want 10.5.8 (seems doable) at a minimum so I can sync my iPhone 4, and ideally 10.7 (wouldn't work with just the e4300 b/c it doesn't have a C2D) so I can utilize iCloud. Any one have thoughts?
  5. I know there are PPC distros of 'nix, but they are all garbage that I've seen
  6. Besides some sort of Linux distro, would it even be worth anything as just an OS X machine?
  7. Question about hard drives

    That is what I thought, I just wanted to hear it from the experts first! I am going Mac only, (if I don't have a safety net I'll be more careful!) BANGARANG!!!!
  8. Question about hard drives

    I am planning to build the tonymacx86 "PovoMac" (http://legacy.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=49797) as my first Hacktintosh. I am looking at the parts list and I am seeing a lot of things I already own (or at least think I do). I know Hackintosh's can be finicky about parts, so my question is, what parts are "interchangeable" with what I already own? The DVD drive, will any old DVD drive do? A case is a case, so I'm not worried about that, and so is any old 320v power supply. Hard drive, I have a 250GB hard drive that is 7200 RPM. That should be fine too, correct? Thanks for the help! I didn't want to buy extra stuff if I didn't have to!
  9. Gateway M-6816 Notebook With 10.5.1

    Did anything ever come of this?
  10. Introduce yourself

    Hi, I'm Cory! I have a Gateway M-6816 that I am planning on hackintoshing!