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  1. adding outlook to share

    When you open a file or right click, the share option only has default apple programs. Is there anyway to add outlook to share? I know there was an automator work around for outlook 2011 but seems like with outlook 2016 its no longer possible.
  2. No Sound for ACL887

    it says an unknown error has occurred (-50). Itunes can still open though, but i still cant see any sound devices. I think that voodoo kext is what has made other MBs like mine sound work. Just have no idea how to make it work
  3. No Sound for ACL887

    replaced the dsdt with that one and dragged those kexts in the extension folder, restarted and got nothing. Tried using mbeast with user dsdt and selecting voodoo but no luck, Im also getting an itunes error upon boot after using that. Pretty confused now, have no idea what kexts ive installed. might have to reinstall but then not sure if that will do anything
  4. No Sound for ACL887

    didn't work, tried both methods. Maybe if you have some free time you could remote login to the mac and see what I'm doing wrong?
  5. No Sound for ACL887

    ok so I've deleted those kexts, should i delete these also? appleUSBAudio.kext, audioAUUC.kext AudioIPCDriver.kext applefwaudio.kext , ioAudio2family.kext , AppleAVBAudio.kext , AppleFWAudio.kext There is already an Extra Folder in the root of lion that has a dsdt.aml in it as well as org.chameleon.Boot.plist and smbios.plist. Should i delete this dsdt file and replace with yours?
  6. No Sound for ACL887

    thanks:) do you know where the kexts are located? im not to familiar with OSX file system
  7. No Sound for ACL887

    just tried then and it didnt work still no sound or sound card being recongnised. What do u mean by /extra folder? i thought you put the dsdt.aml file on the desktop then run ###### and select user dsdt?
  8. No Sound for ACL887

    dsdt is attached, let me know if i did something wrong http://www.mediafire.com/?lmv5gda7rbwbe7x
  9. No Sound for ACL887

    i didnt know that program existed thanks will i have to do a reinstall or will it work? i guess ill find out soon enough :0
  10. No Sound for ACL887

    i dont think there is one available for my motherboard when i looked through the database, i tried to use one that was for a similar model but that made my OS unbootable
  11. No Sound for ACL887

    i didnt use a dsdt?, i just followed the non dsdt guide with ######
  12. No Sound for ACL887

    the motherboard is a asus P8H 61-M LX
  13. No Sound for ACL887

    After running ###### with non dsdt settings for acl887 and following tuts on tony mac i cant get my audio working. I think i installed the wrong drivers at first so its possible that it could be a driver conflict. I've attached an ioreg file with my system info. Jessie’s Mac Pro.zip