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  1. Hi All, Using ###### ###### usb I was able to get LION 10.7.4 98% working! Everything except Audio. I am hoping that some of the folks out there have solved the latest issue with the audio and LION. Ethernet was working and then stopped after the updates from Apple. ###### drivers worked great. I am running an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 285 and that seems to work great, its recognized by the system and runs in hi-res mode (at least higher than 1k). I am running i7 at 3.3Ghz and 16G of ram, all recognized and seems to be 100%. I've tried to install the audio several times and nothing seems to work - at this point I don't know if I am fixing things or causing more problems. As I am a noob - not sure how to clean out (just audio) and start clean there. It took many tries to get all the cobinations right to get the install working and to be able to boot from the hard disk. Anyway - please respond if you know how to get the Realtek audio working, when I open sounds it says there are no output devices on the system. But the drivers seem to install without any errors. I had an old logitech webcam with microphone -so I just jacked that into the USB and it worked! The only thing left is to get the speakers working... Anyway - thanks in advance, I appreaciate any help you can provide! Geon