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  1. Hello, i need your help. Until yesterday i used my aluminum keyboard normally, when the batteries were fully drained. So i replaced them with the new ones, and tried to connect keyboard with my macbook, but no success. I removed it from bluetooth device list, and tried again, but still unsuccessfully. When i try to pair it in "settings/keyboard/add new bluetooth keyboard" it founds only "1 keyboard" for about 10s, and then instead of a keyboard name i get "no keyboard found". If i try to add it in "settings/bluetooth/add new bluetooth device", macbook also finds a keyboard with mac address, but still without a keyboard name. If i choose continue the wheel is spinning for about half a minute, and than i get "pairing unsuccessful" message. When i pres power button on my keyboard, the light starts to blink (i think that the keyboard is in discovery mode), and it blinks for a while. I read somewhere, that i should press return key a few times while pairing, or power button, but it doesn't help in my case. I also removed batteries and hold a power button for al least 3-4 minutes, but it still doesn't help. I remove batteries and leave the keyboard over night, and this also didn't help. I can't pair it with any other computer (the others are PC). Is it possible that keyboard suddenly died ? Please give me some advice. Thanks, bye
  2. Hello! I have aureon 7.1 space and i installed the latest driver ENVY24HT_0.8.8. Output works well, but there is no input. In Settings -≥ Sound -≥ Input is selected Envy24HT, but under input level i have message : The selected device has no input controls. Why doesn't input works on my 10.5.7 iATKOS. Thanks
  3. I have problems with instalation. I can't install by ordenary boot from dvd, because of jmicron dvd connected over IDE. In instalation over VMware i get the following errors: What is wrong? On my laptop Hp nx7300 the instalation is easy, but on my desktop Pc i can't install it... Specifications: Asus P5B Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1Gb DDR2 N7600GT Thanks for help P.s. The instalation of 10.4.9 goes well over VMware
  4. JEFK

    [SLO] Je tu kaj slovencev?

    Evo se jaz..pa se problem mam.. Mam laptopa hp nx7300 z wireless intel 3945 pa sem nasel na forumu neke testne driverje, ki pa po vecini ne delajo. Je kdo ze nasel kaksno resitev? Pa se to me zanima. Na forumu sem nasel kako nastavit dual boot z winxp bootloaderjem. Torej, iz mac dvdja sem skopiral chain0 na c:\ in pol v boot.ini dodal c:\chain0="mac os". Ok, bootloader me vprasa kaj naj boota, ko izberem mac os, se prikaze crn ekran in pol me vrze zazaj na izbiro sistema...winse boota ok. ma kdo kako idejo? Hvala