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  1. Questions for a Guru

    What special skills would he need to code it? Would a Linux specialist help or does it need to be a Mac specialist?
  2. Atheros on lap not working

    Hi Bugs, I have a Toshiba U300-NS1 but with the same problem as the Acer. Didn't find anything googling for the U300-NS1. Where is located the DSDT table, how can I know if it's broken and how can I fix it? Thanks a lot!
  3. Atheros on lap not working

  4. Atheros WiFi 10.4.10 Networkinterfaces.plist

    Hi, thanks! I'm not sure which of the two file I edited but I'm going to try again.
  5. Realtek ALC268 not work

    Hi, I want to try the same thing. So you just installed ALC888 from XxX DVD install and changed the value inside the AppleAzalia kext? That's it? Thanks!
  6. Questions for a Guru

    Thanks I'm following the same discussion I don't know where or how to find that Toshiba BIOS image but I guess I'll understand when there's more development. Is there a way I can help? Will talk to you there.
  7. Mon instal sur Toshiba satellite A200

    Merci, je vais essayer l'installer. Pour winload.exe, j'ai utilisé le disque d'installation de Vista et réparé la partition et tout fonctionne maintenant.Pour le wifi, je crois que le problème est bcp plus grave. J'ai trouvé une autre discussion et il semble que la détection du bus Mini PCI-E est en cause car j'ai essayé 4 différentes versions de OSX86 et 2 cartes wifi différentes et un paquet de patch et de tuto. Aucun ne fonctionne alors que la carte Apple devrait fonctionner sans problème. Je vais quand même essayé une carte Dell que j'ai commandé en même temps que l'autre. Ah oui je me souviens, j'ai déjà essayé et sans résultat. Je crois que c'est lié au même problème que le bus PCI.Dommage, je crois que mon laptop ne fait pas un aussi bon hackintosh que mon desktop qui lui est presque parfait
  8. Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    BUMP I have the same problem. Any news about DSDT? How can I help?
  9. Questions for a Guru

    Same problem here but with a Toshiba U300-NS1. I tried 4 different OSX versions and 2 different wireless cards: Atheros 5007EG that came with the laptop and genuine Apple Airport Extreme Card. Both are working in Windows Vista. I'm waiting for a Dell 1490 but I know it won't work, pretty sure it's the Mini PCI-E bus the problem.
  10. Mon instal sur Toshiba satellite A200

    Je fais exactement ça et ça ne fonctionne pas :-( Y'a-t-il une autre façon? Tu peux donner des détails comment tu as intrégré tout ça? Ou bien nous référer à un tuto? Merci! J'avais un Atheros 5007GE que j'ai remplacé par une carte Apple avec un chip Broadcomm. Mais je n'arrive pas à la faire fonctionner. Dans le tableau de bord Network, ça indique seulement je peux me connecter par FireWire. J'ai essayé tout les versions de OSX86: 10.4.8, 10.4.9 et 2 versions de 10.4.10. Quelqu'un à une idée? À noter que je n'ai pas le même modèle (U300-NS1 au Canada) mais ça ressemble étrangement au A200. Merci!
  11. Atheros AR5007EG, Who can help me?

    I also had a 5007EG and did not work. I replace it with an Apple card (MA688Z/:D with a Broadcomm chip. Still the same problem! There's only FireWire showing up in the Network control panel. I booted up with Ubuntu and it's showing normally like my other Atheros card... Now I have 2 questions: 1. I'm not an expert, could it be possible that the PCI-E bus is not recognize properly? 2. Is the installers in fault? I tried 10.4.8, 10.4.9 and 2 different 10.4.10 and always the same problem. Thanks!
  12. Atheros on lap not working

    I have the same card and symptoms (Ethernet greyed out) in a Toshiba U300-NS1. Did you find a solution? I opened the file /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist. If I compare with my desktop hackintosh, there's data missing. No Ethernet and Wifi data. I added the data but the changes are not permanent. If I knew how the system is writing back that file, I could change the data. Anyone?
  13. Atheros WiFi 10.4.10 Networkinterfaces.plist

    Same thing here. I have a Toshiba U300-NS1 with Atheros 5006. I try to edit that file and it changes back by itself. Plus there's missing part in that file. There's only information for the Firewire connection. I compared with my desktop Hackintosh and there's 2 another parts missing. One for Ethernet and one for Wifi. I'd like to complete the file but I'm missing the IOMACaddress and IOPathMatch parts. I also tried a lot of the other solutions in the forums but none are working. I have XxX OS x86 10.4.10 installed. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. No problem zoombots. I received so much helps from this forums, if I can help just one person... Update on installing 10.4.10: I'm currently installing 10.4.10 from Kalyway on my desktop and laptop. Keep 10.4.9 near because Disk Utility included on this disk doesn't have the option to make a Master Boot Record as described in my tutorial (step 3). I had to boot with 10.4.9 from Uphuck to make it. I previously installed 10.4.10 combo update from koolkal but Photoshop crashed the kernel all the time.
  15. Realtek ALC268 not work

    I have the same Realtek ALC268 on my Toshiba U300-NS1 laptop. I'm currently installing 10.4.10 on it and will keep you up to date on my findings.