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    GA-Z77-DS3H 10.8 to 10.8.1 - success

    It is working with Voodoo, but i didn't need voodoo before. And now i have crackling noise .. grrrrrr, can't select OUTPUT in pref pane
  2. ccvisabg

    GA-Z77-DS3H 10.8 to 10.8.1 - success

    Hi Guys, after upgrade to 10.8.4, i cannot get audi working Tried alc887 kexts with no luck These are the kexts for my system with these options everything was working, before the upgrade. anyone with the same problem ?
  3. Just to report that update from 10.8 to 10.8.1 on this hardware is OK. Didn't need to do anything after update GA-Z77-DS3H Nvidia GTX 460 I5-3570K
  4. ccvisabg

    Intel 3000HD, HP 8440p

    It worked m8, thank you )))) With these drivers + latest Chameleon + GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  5. ccvisabg

    Intel 3000HD, HP 8440p

    Thanks i will do that. Thanks for your efforts guys
  6. ccvisabg

    Intel 3000HD, HP 8440p

    @husaber i'l try the kext @Rockinron i attached the results m8
  7. ccvisabg

    Intel 3000HD, HP 8440p

    @rockinron_1 Tried this, no luck. Thanks Anyway @husaber 10.7.4 m8.
  8. ccvisabg

    Intel 3000HD, HP 8440p

    Hello Guys, i'm having HP eliebook 8440p with Intel HD Graphics card (i messed up the title). No nvidia/ati card. I cannot make video card to work on more of 1024/768. Lion 10.7.4
  9. ccvisabg

    Stuck at whitescreen

    DSDT=No -x -f -v
  10. Try this Remove ATI Card. Plug monitor in Intel one (enable it before) use -v DSDT=No GraphicsEnabler=No Copied From Another place - 1. Remove Graphics Card and use motherboard graphics. 2. Reset Motherboard Bios Default and set SATA mode from IDE to AHCI (Just to be on the safe side). 2. Boot ML Install USB with Boot Flags GraphicsEnabler=No and PCIRootUID=0 3. Run Installer, Partition Destination and continue install. 4. Reboot off of USB installer and select Mountain Lion as boot source. 5. Configure your ML. 6. Run ###### options. 7. Reboot and set bios to boot off of Mountaian Lion partition.
  11. ccvisabg

    Gigabyte z77-ds3h Sound

    Use these options for the audio
  12. ccvisabg


    Solved, Just use your onboard card to install. First remove the video card on PCI-Ex slot, after install put the card back on and all is OK
  13. ccvisabg


    Hello Guys, i'm trying ML installation on GA-Z77-DS3H, GTX 460, 8GB RAM, I5-3570K, BIOS is F6(latest so far) I created USB with UniBe*st and ML, but cannot boot into installation. I attached the error. I'm NOT using the built-in GFX card
  14. ccvisabg

    ML Nvidia 460GTX

    It started with busratio=18 DSDT=Yes GraphicsEnabler=Yes cpus=2 Thanks again for the help