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  1. Got ML to install OK however on reboot it would freeze on PCI configuration. Putting in npci=0x2000 got past this but would fail on Intel Power Management. I manually copied over the kexts for fakeSMC and IntelCPUmanagement and got past this. However now it will get to PCI configuration begin and then after 5-10 seconds the monitor will go off and stay there. Only option is to power off and on again. When doing -v on boot though I have seen it either come up as VESA 14mb but once last night it did correctly detect a 570 there, however it obviously also failed to boot. Specs: Mobo: Z68X-UD3H-B3 CPU: 2500K GPU: EVGA GTX570 Any quick suggestions on this? Will be trying combinations of ncpi, graphics enabler and PCIrootID later as well as safe mode (ran out of time last night) but wondered if someone encountered similar and knew of a fix. Will also be trying the HD3000 and see if that does similar. Sure it will just be a combination of flags to get it working. Have seen mention on another forum stating the 570 should work OOTB with only GraphicsEnabler=YES Thanks in advance guys