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  1. i havnt really had time lately to do much with it, I did get the USB Network Stick working with the kext attached to a previous post (thanks to the person who found this) in this thread (the IONetworkingFamily Kext did not include the Axis kext though, so had to include that manually). I was rather amazed that I could boot Mountain Lion in VMWare Workstation 2012 Tech Preview directly from the install on the partition without issues (patched vmware to show macosx as OS option), this is rather neat, also installed VMWare Tools and they work fine and dont interfere when I boot Mountain Lion natively Audio could probably be made to work, I just saw some threads on another forum around ALC269, if you google "ALC 269 Patch for AppleHDA(May work idea for others" is the first result, its a bit too complicated and time consuming for me to pursue right now, as audio is not a high prio for me The touchpad is working for me, just no gestures or two finger scrolling etc, so basically its just working like a mouse The battery % could be enabled with some kexts for that, dont know where to find it, but remember reading about some kext that enables battery % on notebooks in general, so that might work Re Sleep: At some point Sleep was working for me, potentially remove the ACPI kext copied from the UB stick to /E/E (leave the PS2Nub thing for the PS2 Keyboard/Mouse support I guess), other change I made was to change SMBios to Macbook Pro 2012 Retina Model instead of Macbook Air 2012, something around those things broke sleep/enabled sleep for me again. I also put a DSDT (just the fixed one I dumped with some tool), I didnt really see that changing anything, but maybe that was part of making sleep work too
  2. decided to tinker around with it a bit more: - Keyboard wasnt working (I didnt even notice before! doh!), moved AppleACPIPlatform.kext / AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext from UB Stick to /E/E on ML partition, this enables keyboard again for me - Got HD4000 working by adding the following to /E/org.chameleon.Boot.plist (I installed Chimera 1.11, with GraphicsEnabler=Yes its supposed to make HD4000 work but that didnt work for me, with the string below in plist it works for me): <key>device-properties</key> <string>7f0000000100000001000000730000000200000002010c00d041030a000000000101060000027fff04002c0000004100410050004c002c00690067002d0070006c006100740066006f0072006d002d006900640000000800000002006601140000006800640061002d0067006600780000000d0000006f6e626f6172642d31</string> - Used an app called EasyTether to get Network up by tethering to an Android Phone, it fails the install at the end when installing the EasyTether.dmg, but it works anyway Thats about as far as I can take it, this is my first hackintosh attempt and I have no clue where to look further, DSDT etc? Theres probably many things not working at this stage, but its a basic system with graphics enabled and network, hoping someone can help with the rest
  3. I also upgraded to 10GB Ram and replaced the harddisk for a Crucial M4, so these are not things that make it not work. I used a USB 3.0 Stick to install, not sure if that matters. When creating the install with UB 1.4 I think I ticked the "Laptop Support" option, that might matter. Once ML is installed I created /Extra/Extensions on the ML partition and copied the following KEXTs from the USB Stick to it: FakeSMC.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext IOUSBFamily.kext IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext Then also removed the following KEXTs from /System/Library/Extensions: GeForce.kext NVDAGF100Hal.kext NVDAGK100Hal.kext NVDANV50Hal.kext NVDAResman.kext IOBluetoothFamily.kext IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext After adding the above KEXTs to /E/E and removing the others from /S/L/E Im able to boot into the ML partition without -x. I have no idea if adding/removing these KEXTs is the right way to do it, just made it work for me without -x, but its probably not the ideal solution.
  4. Ive got mountain lion running on my UX32VD. I also first thought it might be because of USB3 controller/stick, but its more because of the graphics and other stuff that it gets stuck i think, install boots ups fine with "-x" (and "unibe@ast" adds some KEXTs to /E/E on the USB Stick, I think those help). Here's what I did: 1) Create USB Install Stick of Mountain Lion GM with "unibe@ast" 1.4 (did this 2 weeks or so ago, now "unibe@ast" 1.5 is available, havnt tested that) 2) Installing on 32GB internal SSD, MBR partition layout so patched the USB Install Stick with OSInstall files 3) In order to boot the install I had to add safe boot, so -x on bootscreen, had to use external USB mouse as touchpad wasnt working (or working very badly) 4) After installation is finished I could not boot from mountain lion partition - get stuck like you guys, had to remove all KEXTs from /S/L/E that were related to bluetooth (2 I believe) and more importantly the ones for Gforce/Nvidia (about 5 of them), and also I had to copy some KEXTs from /E/E folder from the "unibe@ast" USB Stick to the mountain lion partition (it needs the NullCPUPowerManagent, FakeSMC and the 2 USB ones at the very least, otherwise im getting stuck on the bootup without -x), after this can boot without -x Issues: - HD4000 not working, installed Chimera 1.11 which is supposed to support HD4000, but still doesnt work, can get proper 1920x1080 resolution by adding GraphicsMode to boot.plist - Wifi not working, since its an Intel Centrino Wifi it will probably never work - probably other stuff, havnt really done anything with it since without working HD4000 (QE/CI) its pretty useless for me