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  1. i installed iatkos s3 v2 on my hp mini 110 3100 and it won't stop restarting after i installed it, i've tried multiple boot flags but they don't work...help!
  2. i'm trying to install chameleon on my usb but it hangs at "writing package receipt"...i can't find a fix so can someone please help me
  3. HP mini 110, cant even any installer

    hi khaled magdy, heres how to get a successful isntallation of ideneb 1.3, 1. format your flash drive to NTFS 2.download unetbootin, select distribution as free dos, then select your drive and then select start 3. go to your flash drive and delete all the files inside of it (DO NOT FORMAT) 4. download leopard hd helper and open ddmac, select iso at top, deselect box beside dropdown, select flash drive, reselect box beside dropdown, click start (DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE ITS WORKING) 5. when ddmac is done, open CMD, type diskpart, then list disk, then select disk # (whatever number your flash drive is), then list partition, then select partition 1, then set id=af 6. boot from flash drive Feel free to message me for more detailed instructions if your confused!
  4. Installing OSX on my HP Mini 110-1030NR

    Hi hpminimacbook, i installed iatkos l2 and it was very smooth, the only thing that wasn't working and will not work is wifi, but i purchased a usb wifi adapter for around 20 dollars! good luck!
  5. No disk utility?

  6. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    if i do that will i be able to boot from it too?
  7. No disk utility?

  8. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    i understand that but i have been using unetbootin to make my flash drives bootable but unetbootin doesnt recognize my external hard drive
  9. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    the problem is that it would'nt boot from the iatkos screen and now i know how to install the ideneb to the flash drive but now that i have ubuntu on my computer somebody said that i have to use an external hard drive because if you try to boot from an ideneb flash drive, it just goes right to ubuntu, now my dilemma is that i don't know how to restore ideneb to a external hard drive on a pc...that's all i need to know
  10. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    i don't have an optical drive? i had lion installed on my computer but i got a kernel panic so i installed ideneb 1.3 on my flash drive from my other pc and i get to the gray iatkos l2 screen where it says to boot into hard drive or flash drive. but that doesnt matter because now i have ubuntu 12.04 on my computer and i'm trying to boot ideneb 1.3 from external hard drive but i don't know how to restore ideneb to the hard drive without a mac
  11. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    ****UPDATE**** now unetbootin won't recognized my external hard drive at all...ugh what to do
  12. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    ****UPDATE****...i got lion off of my hard drive by booting ubuntu(i didn't know what else to do) but now i can't boot off of a usb at all, i tell the computer to boot off of it, but it just goes to ubuntu...this is frustrating please help asap!
  13. [SELL] Great Hackintosh

    does wifi work?
  14. i installed lion and i got an error and now i cant boot but now i can't boot other distros either like ideneb 1.3...i get to the iatkos boot screen and i select ideneb 1.3 and then it says "can't find /custom, Press a key to continue..." does anyone have any suggestions? thanks
  15. No disk utility?

    thanks for the help guys, but i'm going to rebrand the card in ubuntu, thanks though!