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  1. Athlon XP 2100 Do the math. Our laptop has SSE2(Athlon XP 2800) though.
  2. I did and I don't like it. I'm sure someone will run in to a a solution for me.
  3. Now if someone could patch SSE2 so we need only SSE, then I'm in Business.
  4. I got Pearpc to install this but upon boot-up I get no boot file.
  5. Don't have a mac. I have an iPod though. Any reason why when I run the iso through pearpc it returns kernel panic? Edit: http://adamb10.com/ppc.JPG
  6. Damn.. "This hardware configuration is not supported by Darwin". God hopes Apple does NOT use the SSE 2 or 3 for Mac OS X.
  7. Any reason dmg2iso is giving me: partition 1....ERROR: Inflation failed I get that when trying to convert the dmg to iso.