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    Dual monitor (vga & hdmi)

    Hi @gunsha, (assuming that you have a monitor that is VGA only and another that is DVI-D/HDMI compatible) I have solved my problem by connecting both monitors to the DVI Ports (for the vga monitor you need an adaptor VGA to DVI-A) For some unknown reason it is seemingly impossible to have a dual monitor set up using the HDMI and the DVI-A port. hope it helps cheers
  2. akma

    Dual monitor (vga & hdmi)

    Hi BALDY_MAN, thkx for your reply, I tried both and didn't work, what did work was to connect the HDMI monitor into the DVI-D connecter with and adaptor (HDMI to DVI-D). Nevertheless it is odd that OSX is unable to handle two monitors connected through HDMI and DVI-I at the same time, do you think it may be related with the audio drivers?
  3. akma

    Dual monitor (vga & hdmi)

    Hi Baldy_Man, thank you for your reply. That is what i am currently doing, I am connecting both my monitors to the graphic card, the VGA only monitor using a VGA to DVI-I adaptor and connecting the second monitor to the HDMI of the graphic card. :/
  4. akma

    Dual monitor (vga & hdmi)

    Hi guys, I am currently running ML 10.8.3 in a machine with the following specs: - Gigabyte gtx 670 - Gigabyte z77x-udh5 - core i5 3570k For the past half year I have used a single monitor setup using a VGA (only) monitor connected to the DVI-I connector of the gtx 670. Recently I bought a second monitor and my intention is to connect both to the graphic card. Hence, I connected the new monitor to the HDMI connector of the graphic card. The problem is that when I boot into OSX with both monitors connected the VGA->DVI-I one goes to sleep (after the apple logo) while the HDMI returns a blank/gray screen, my impression is that OSX freezes completely. When I boot with only one of the monitors connected, everything goes well. If i boot with only one monitor connected and connect the second one after the boot the OSX will freeze and force me into a hard-reboot. Moreover, when I boot into Windows 7 everything works fine, so I suspect is possible to use VGA+HDMI. I have google it and some people ( that had the some problem with the gtx 560) suggest adding to the chameleon plist, it didn't work for me. Do you guys have any suggestions ? thanks Flavio