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  1. Are working OOB Geforce GT 210 on Sierra 10.12?

    You should use SwitchResX
  2. Black Sreen on Gigabyte nvidia GT420

    Hi Everybody! I have a gigabyte nvidia GT 420, although I had used all method as webdriver, add nvcap, patch dsdt but i alway receive black screen! Isn't it really suppoted on MacOS? If Someone is using it fine in mac, can help me!? Thanks Every Body. Sorry! my English is bad!
  3. Are working OOB Geforce GT 210 on Sierra 10.12?

    nvidia g210 work fine on sierra, tick inject nvidia in config.plist of clover. use DVI/HDMI port! no HDMI sound, you can use VGA/DVI by add nvcap!
  4. you can copy and rename bootx64.efi in /efi/boot to /efi/microsoft/boot after You extract windows iso on USB Fat32. I usually do that.
  5. [HOW TO] Advanced EDID Injection

    Could this method work for desktop? sorry my english