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    MelloAndroid5123 reacted to TH3L4UGH1NGM4N in The real story of Mac OS X on Intel?   
    Damn right it was from the 1999 episode.
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    MelloAndroid5123 reacted to HUSABER in Kexts, caches and all the other stuff.   
    1-Chameleon-What is this:
    3-Kext cashe-What need manualy?
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    MelloAndroid5123 reacted to mitch_de in No Hardware Acceleration EVGA nVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 1024 GB 10.6.x   
    For my knowledge :
    1. Cuda drivers cant help OpenGL/CI/QE - they are only for CUDA Apps needed
    2. Fermi gpus, you have , cant work with 10.6 . I think you will need at least 10.7
    3. I dont know if AMD CPU pathes (for kernel) are already available for latest 10.7.4
    So i would start first to check if AMD cpu can handle 10.7.x, then install 10.7 on on extra / extrnal HD/USB Stick (8GB+) for testing.
    Normally lastest chameleon (latest 3 months) with graphicsenabler=yes helps gpu for full OpenGL/Ci support.
    Only OpenCL (not really used todays) need some path for fermi.
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    MelloAndroid5123 reacted to PippoX0 in The real story of Mac OS X on Intel?   
    Yeah, from a personal project of building a Kernel os x for Intel pc is born the future OS X.
    Hackintosh inside Apple ... really funny ...
    And Steve Jobs "Let's him doing ..." on a Sony Vaio notebook ..
    Good ideas are allways the best ...
    As i like to say "i don't have an Hackintosh , i have a different Apple pc ... Think different ..."
    Best regards
    See ya