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  1. I placed that most recent folder you sent, and this is what I get quickly then it restarts. https://ibb.co/cdDVLd
  2. Thank you very much for so much of your time on my behalf my friend. It hangs at the plus sign line still, unfortunately. Any ideas are always welcome and I will keep grinding this. If I get it figured out I will for sure post here to add a way to get this MB to work with High Sierra.
  3. I went ahead and put your recommended Clover folder back on the install USB and will continue experimenting with boot flags and looking into this as much as I can. With no extra files added, your clover folder is simply giving me the “couldn’t allocate runime area” hang presently.
  4. Thank you. So here is what I did and what I faced. Picture #1 depicts the crash with only using the clover folder you referred me to above. I tried multiple times with your clover folder untouched with the same hang. So I removed the Aptiodrv64.efi from your folder and put in this: OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi from NickWoodham’s website. Then the hang changed to hanging right at the line of plus signs. I tried adding slide=0. Still didn’t work. I then also added his Test2.efi from his same post. Now each boot ends in the “couldn’t allocate runtime area” or the plus sign hang (pictures 2 and 3). Have tried multiple usb 2 and usb 3 ports. Uploading pictures here won’t work, so here are the links. https://ibb.co/dnCOOy https://ibb.co/bXfzwJ https://ibb.co/nk5XGJ
  5. My apologies.  MSI x99A Raider mobo 5820K CPU GTX 970 16GB Crucial Ballistix ram i can also put things back and give you exact hanging point verbose screenshots if helpful.
  6. Hello! Thanks for your guide here. very useful. Was able to get the installer to load by swapping out memfix for the osx_aptio-free2000 as the memfix efi in your clover file causes the installer to not load and spits out a long trail of ’slide’ messages, then halts with something about too many slides of 0/256 or something. From there, had to use slide=0, because otherwise would say something about random seed or something each attempt and hang and never start loading. This is the only adjustment I made to anything. Your clover file, when swapped for the 2000 free efi with slide=0, allows verbose readout to run smoothly and almost to completion and then turns into the final apple logo and progress bar right before the interface/menu would appear, and hangs cold with a short bar movement. interface and menus never appear.Any suggestions? Thank you! -MSI x99A Raider mobo
  7. ididit86

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi Duckzcry...I am new to raid controllers and even more so getting them to function in OS X... I have read the dell h310 mentioned; could you summarize for me what the final verdict is on using this card with your driver? Is this a good idea or not? I read a previous poster said that the hard drives need to be virtual disks in order to access them... I do not now what this means...could you link me to where I can read about what this is, in the context of your discussion here about them? Any advice from your experience on how to set this up/understand this application would be most appreciated. Sorry for bing such a newb...gotta start somewhere I guess.. Sorry should have added the following information: Mc pro 1,1 (2006) Flashed to 64 bit EFI OSX mavericks The controller, if not already known, is LSISAS2008 Thanks!