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  1. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Hi Duckzcry...I am new to raid controllers and even more so getting them to function in OS X... I have read the dell h310 mentioned; could you summarize for me what the final verdict is on using this card with your driver? Is this a good idea or not? I read a previous poster said that the hard drives need to be virtual disks in order to access them... I do not now what this means...could you link me to where I can read about what this is, in the context of your discussion here about them? Any advice from your experience on how to set this up/understand this application would be most appreciated. Sorry for bing such a newb...gotta start somewhere I guess.. Sorry should have added the following information: Mc pro 1,1 (2006) Flashed to 64 bit EFI OSX mavericks The controller, if not already known, is LSISAS2008 Thanks!