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  1. RT @WebComboGamer: 'Fortnite', prepárense para la multiplataforma https://t.co/M1Zj1Xihzz https://t.co/YitegSmk4g

  2. Help needed to patch DSDT for an HP DV7-4100 CTO

    You mean iasl 4.0 for when I do the patching for brightness buttons? Edit: nevermind, you were saying in general, since I was using ACPI 5.0 for the DSDT. Thanks artur_pt, I will try some things and post here again later.
  3. Help needed to patch DSDT for an HP DV7-4100 CTO

    Hey artur_pt, thanks man! You're great! Battery is perfectly working now woth your patched DSDT and the kext from RehabMan. Also, I can finally boot without cpus=1 too. The only thing missing now are the brightness buttons, and sound working without VoodooHDA. With the buttons things, I'm lost, I applied some patches once but they didn't worked. Regarding the sound, I will test some things to see if I can make it work. I will also compare my DSDT with the one you patched, to see the differences and learn some new things. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! How are you, people? I'm fine, learning a lot more these days, especially for installing El Capitan into an HP notebook, model DV7-4100 CTO. It has an i7, 8gb ddr3, 2 x 500gb hdd, bd player / dvd rw combo, AMD 5650 dedicated 1gb. It's my girlfriend's laptop and some years ago, when I was a little younger and without much experience, I tried to install Lion into it, but failed. Now, with more knowledge, I was able to install El Capitan successfully, althout I need some help to achieve a perfect hackintosh. Here is what it's working: -I've successfully injected the EDID using Clover for the AMD discrete graphic card, and I have full QE/CI support. The card is recognized, and works flawlessly. -Sleep, wake, and hibernate works great. I didn't have to touch anything, except for the bios. I reflashed the bios using a modded bios from Donovan6000 that removes whitelisting (for installing other wifi card), enable advance menu in the bios, and have native power management support for hackintoshes (the bios mod from el_coniglio does not work, it hangs and you have to recover your bios). -Thanks to that bios I was able to change the intel centrino wifi card that it's not supported, for an Atheros ar5b95. It works OOB, I didn't have to touch anyting. -Trackpad works great, even with three fingers touch gestures. -Volume up, down, silence buttons works great too, as well as prev / play / stop / next buttons (f5 to f11) -Webcam works fine. -Sound works using VoodooHDA. -Ethernet works using RealtekRTL8111.kext. -I had to manually patch the DSDT following a guide from the great RehabMan to make all the USB work. This laptop has only 3 USB, all of them are USB 2.0. Without the patching, neither of them work. What does not work: -I have to boot using cpus=1. If I remove that command from Clover, the boot hangs. -HWSensors only shows temperatures from hdd's, no GPU and no CPU. -If I touch the brightness up or down buttons (f2 and f3), no matter which of them I press, the screen dims just a little and nothing more. I have to restore brightness using the slider in settings. -I think that VoodooHDA provides a low output volume, and I would like to know what do I need to patch to make the sound works with a patched AppleHDA or something, so I don't need to use VoodooHDA. -Although I can use the laptop with AC and with battery too, I can't see the battery's charge level. From settings, I can't activate the option to show the battery icon in the finder, and the battery always shows as 0% charged. Installing VoodooBattery.kext I can activate the icon, but it's useless since the charge level is not recognized and shows 0% all the time. Help on this will be greatly appreciated, since it's been days and a lot of reading and I still can't figure how to solve these problems. I'm attaching the original DSDT extracted with Windows's Aida64 (it's the same as the one I can extract with Clover's F4 method, I've already checked), and the one with patches that I'm using right now. Oh, and I forgot to mention: In MaciASL, changing the ACPI settings to 5.1, I can apply a battery patch from the RehabMan's repo meant for the HP G6-2221ss that says that it works with DV7-4100, but after making 34 changes I can't compile the DSDT later because the patch generates a lot of error. DSDTorig.aml.zip DSDTpatchedcurrent.aml.zip
  5. imessage_debug

    Hi! I'm having a problem trying to execute this file on two real macbooks. I've tried the file on my hackintosh and it works fine, but if I try to use it on either one of the two macbooks, it just opens up the Terminal app and shows nothing. Then, if I drag and drop the file over the Terminal window and press intro, I receive a message saying permission denied, process completed, or someting like that. If I wirte "sudo " and drag and drop the file it asks for my password, but after I put the password I receive the same error. I don't know what am I doing wrong, because it's supposed to work by only double clicking on it, like on my hackintosh. Does any of you know what is happening? The two macbooks are running Mavericks. EDIT: Solved. I just needed to type in Terminal chmod 755 and drag and drop the file, press intro, then double click on it.
  6. Can't empty Trash

    I had a similar problem in the past. The only way to solve it was using Trash It! Download and use it, it's free: http://www.nonamescriptware.com/downloads/
  7. iMessage & Facetime is not working

    That's right, hafudo, I can confirm this, I'd received the error a couple of hours ago, and I just called Apple Care and the problem is solved. For the ones who are getting the "Call Customer Support..." or something like that on iMessage Activation, you will be getting this error even if you add a valid credit card info to your account. You just have to call Apple and give them the error code you got, and they will ask you for some information to verify the account. Don't lie to them, give your full details if it's asked, as you did when you created your Apple ID Account. When you give them your serial number, they will not find it on their database, so they will try another method and after one minute or so you will have your id validated with iMessages and Facetime working in your hackintosh.
  8. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    Hey Phr4c7ur3, please try to use the dsdt I've provided on post #26. Put it on Extra folder, and then install the two kexts I've uploaded on post #32 using kext beast. Reboot your hackintosh, go to System Preferences / Sound and chek what output options do you have. The sound must be working now.
  9. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    Phr4c7ur3, what kind of file are you using in your extra folder? DSDT.dsl or DSDT.aml? If you wish, send me your dsdt file and I will do the modifications for you.
  10. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    Your DSDT.aml should be in Extra folder, yes. And use Kext Wizard or Kext Utility to install those kexts.
  11. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    You are trying to use the file I submitted for Asus P6T Deluxe? Try installing these two kexts I'm attaching here and nothing more. It should work, these are the files I'm using now on 10.9.4 Sound AD2000B Mavericks 10.9 AppleHDA.12E47 + HDAEnabler.zip
  12. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    I've added HDEF and DPTG info, because that file originally doesn't have it. And I've changed the default HDEF Layout-ID then from 12 (in hex 0C) to 99 (63) just in case.
  13. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    Hi Zecco. Please, update your Chameleon to the latest version. Then try the DSDT file attached, and install the two kext again using Kext Wizard. Remember to repair permissions and rebuild cache with Kext Wizard too after the installation but before rebooting you Mac. PS: I always install AppleACPIPlatform.kext too after clean installation or upgrade, because other way the system won't boot. Asus P6T Deluxe Patched Audio Layout-ID 99 V2 DSDT.zip
  14. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    If you have a DSDT with HDEF info in it, then you shouldn't change anything, just install the two kexts. If it doesn't work, then let me know what motherboard do you have, and maybe I can find a DSDT that works without problems.