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    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi! I have an Asus UX310UA, which uses CX8050 for the audio. I'm using AppleALC to make it work, with layout-id 3. Internal audio works great, and using an USB headset works great too. The problem comes when I try to use DP or HDMI output. It is recognized and it does sound, so I'm not having a problem of audio not working. The problem is audio doing crackling or popping noises all the time. I've changed the HDMI cable just in case, but that's not the problem. Also, tried with different screens, and as I've said, tried with HDMI and also with the USB-C (DP) output, but the results are the same. I've been searching on the internet for this, but I couldn't find a similar case. I've seen some cases of popping but that has to do with AFGLowPowerState, and with some AntiPop Patch, but this is not the case. In those cases of popping, users mention they hear a pop sound when the system puts the audio in low power state. Sometimes, it even does not come back after sleep. In my case, that is not what happens. I don't hear occasional pops, and sound does not "power off" even after waking from sleep. I hear pops all the time, as when you hear someone frying some fries or something like that. Have you seen this problem before? If so, do you know how to solve this?
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  4. Hey @ForeverEntert, I've been playing #Violett on the #NintendoSwitch, and the game hangs near the end. After the tunnel. Is this confirmed?

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  11. Estoy enamorado de #AppleMusic. Siempre tengo música nueva para escuchar, y encuentro alguna pequeña maravilla. #Spotify, no existís.