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    configering 6770 with 10.8.2

    its there :/ i opened the info file and the the 68ba is there .... yet it shows me that its the 5000 i have no idea why this is what i followed before i posted and gave me the 5000
  2. mdotoum

    configering 6770 with 10.8.2

    im kind of a noob in this now i found the files for the 6xxx series and the ati accelerator file i also found my product id which is 68BA the this is at first i flashed the files as is and it was recognized as 5000 series ( plus i didnt use the grahpic enable option ) went through the ati accelerator file and tried to change the id but there were like 9 ones so i changed them all and check the graphic enable feature then the mac wouldn't boot now how exactly can i change it and which one should i change plus what exactly should i add in the org.chamleon.boot.plist thanks so much
  3. mdotoum

    Sabertooth p67 DSDT Request

    i have a sabertooth p67 rev 3 i5-2500k 6770 gddr5 8 gb of ram 1333 thanks