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  1. leopard graphics update, safe?

    i downloaded 10.5.2 and installed it using Pacifist installing everything but /system/library/extensions/ that worked fine, but i tried doing the same for the leopard graphics update and now when i try to click the finder bar leopard locks up. works fine when i boot with -x though
  2. i just installed 10.5.2 on my hackbook and i checked software update and it has leopard graphics update is this safe to install?
  3. I've tried 5 different packages for my 7600gs

    are you sure you added your device id correctly, your full id is the device id then the vender id for example my 7900 gs device: 0x0292 vender: 0x10DE so my full id is 0x029210de and thats what i added to the geforce.kext , nvanv40hal.kext and the nvdaresman.kext
  4. Dowload the OS

    if your too dumb to find it, your probably too dumb to install it so find something else to do.
  5. you have to have a real imac
  6. Corruption on shared FAT32 volume

    it will mount the drive as a drive letter and you can see it in my computer and save to it using anything in windows. there is a free trial available.
  7. what the heck are you even on this forum for. go away.
  8. Corruption on shared FAT32 volume

    you should try out macdrive, it mounst hfs drives under windows and you can read and write to them as if they were ntfs
  9. i was thinking about installing 10.4.4 but it looks like a real pain in the ass. should i install it now or wait for an easier method to come along?
  10. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    i never wanted to reach through my computer and smack someone more than when i read this. if apple released os x made for pcs i would buy it as im sure many others here would. but they dont, so this is our only choice.
  11. i have done this but i still cant do anything in imovie
  12. XP seems really buggy...

    i thought once your xp was updated to sp2 that it ceased being a home edition and was the same as pro.
  13. if you want a computer for gaming i think your buying the wrong brand. unless you love joust
  14. ATI Xk1 series

    i have a x1300 512mb, I installed the 10.4.4 drivers havnt really changed anything. i can change the resolution by editing the com apple boot and it also reports that the card has 256 mb on it
  15. Building the Black Box

    why would you want an intel. i know the new macs use them but that doesnt mean you have to. get an amd fx or an athlon 64 x2 they run cooler and faster then anything intel has out.