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  1. Screen flickers on/off on DVD boot

  2. Hello guys, I've got this laptop here, which works quite nice, especially since I've installed Windows 8 (RP) on it. But since I've always wanted to try Hackintosh on a laptop I decided to do it. Downloaded iAtkos L2, burned it on a DVD. Tested it, went straight to HDD boot after having set DVD boot as 1st prio. Then I disabled all other boot priorities but DVD. The screen appeared to turn on and off continuously. I let it do that for a while till I just stopped it. I think the whole laptop was restarting, because the bios procedure is really fast when you restart or stay on the same OS, regardless of OS I'm using (W7/W8), so I imagine some problem with drivers? Anything you guys know about? I've searched all over for anyone having the same issue. Thanks in advance. Something keeps chrashing, but I'm also trying to say my desktop can boot from the disk and the laptop did boot from W7 and W8 disks and usb.
  3. iatkos L2 USB

    In transmac, right-click your USB drive and choose format with disc image.