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    What is the best Web Browser for you, and why?

    Safari, the manage of favourites bar, reader mode, reader list, etc, its more intuitive and cool for me at least.
  2. Hello, i made a skin of El capitan for lion 10.7, it works in all Lion Versions, check the link here and download!!! http://caiquearaujo.deviantart.com/art/Mac-OS-X-El-Capitan-Theme-for-Lion-10-7-547432207 Check my gallery too i have nice images for who that like to make your System looks like Yosemite/Capitan.
  3. caiquecastro

    Graphics boot error on HP Pavilion g6-1b37ca

    Wow i had this same error, trying to boot capitan on a differente laptop, idk how to solve,since wasn't my laptop at all i didn't care there. Try the basic GraphicsEnabler=No
  4. caiquecastro

    Erro ao instalar Yosemite

    Cara, abre o Log de erros no instalador, copia e cola aqui, que a gnt diagnostica rapidao.
  5. caiquecastro

    OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Theres too much memory on your PC 0.0
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    Culpa de quem vota PT.
  7. caiquecastro

    How to change your resolution on non-supported graphic card!

    Well, if i don't edit Theme.plist, the grey apple load unaligned and when i log the 1024x768 resolution is there
  8. caiquecastro

    How to change your resolution on non-supported graphic card!

    Yeah, but it only worked FOR ME when i edited the theme.plist too O.o
  9. Hello , I've learned how to change manually your resolution when u don't have a supported graphic card on your Hackintosh. Lets start!!! My card is a SiS 671/771. Go to /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist Add the following strings: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>No</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>WIDTHxHEIGHTx32</string> Where u gonna change the number of resolution u want, gonna be something like that, thats my one look: <string>1280x768x32</string> Now save the file and lets move to: Go to /Extra/Themes/Default/theme.plist Now u gonna edit the part <key>screen_width</key> <string>WIDTH</string> AND <key>screen_height</key> <string>768</string> Put the same width and height that u added to org.chameleon.boot.plist and save the file. Now u gonna reboot and your resolution will be changed!!!! To check what resolutions your Graphic Card support, boot into Chameleon screen and press down arrow, then go to Video Info, it gonna show a huge list of resolutions that your graphic support!!! Any questions ask me here!Ive been looking for a solution to change my resolution that was 1024x768 and edited org.chameleon.boot, apple.boot.plist, edited the Monitor Pref Panel and nothing worked, only that has changed my resolution!!!
  10. caiquecastro

    OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Ty all for support,i now can use my AR9285 on El Capitan smoothly, i just needed to boot with kext-dev-mode=0x67 and USBBusFix=No. Actually, everytime u manage extensions folder u gotta use kext-dev-mode=0x67 , damn this new security stuff.
  11. caiquecastro

    OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Yeah i took AR9285 from a Sony Vaio :< , never gave me problems, I'm not a DSDT user, i can't use actually, i gotta find manually a compatible kext for Capitan, but ty anyway!
  12. caiquecastro

    OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Hello, I've installed El Capitan finally on my PC, its a pretty old budget PC, with Silicon Integrated System, Core 2 Duo and no graphic card supported by Mac, but it run El Capitan. My thoughts are that El Capitan is way, way faster than Yosemite, since now that Apple use GPU to build core UI, everybody that use GraphicsEnabler=No as stad quo won't have a good experience with Mac, i will stop with Mavericks on this PC. Yosemite UI is lagly, buged and El Capitan UI difference is on rendering speed is noteable, theres this new feature that auto-hide menubar that i find interesting, split view its interesting too. Now i made a backup with Time Machine, because I'm gonna test some kexts and I'm still trying to find one Atheros AR9285 that going to work in El Capitan, i found only one that worked, where i could see Wifi icon on Login Screen, but after 10 seconds, it kernel panics, but thats it gogogo test.
  13. Hello, I've found the solution to the error "OS X YOSEMITE IS ALREADY INSTALLED ON THIS MAC" where on the OS X Installer all you can do its press restart button. To fix it and continue with installation u have to copy the file smbios.plist from /Extra folder. If u have already a OS X installed in your HD with Chameleon, just copy that smsbios.plist to /Extra folder OF THE PENDRIVE or THE DVD from where you are trying to install a Mac. I was trying to install El Capitan from USB, everything went OK,but i had the OS X YOSEMITE IS ALREADY… error when trying to install, so I've copied the smsbios.plist from my Lion installation /Extra folder to the /Extra folder of the USB with Capitan and voila! Any questions ask,i hope it help.
  14. caiquecastro

    SARTFILE.BIN Mac Skin edition problem!

    Someone help me please t.t