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  1. Thanks for your support :-) Anyway, I didn't manage it unfortunately... How can I use vodooHDA on a ga-h61n-usb3? Thanks for your time :-)
  2. The strange thing is initially it was working without any problems... Which logs could I have a look in?
  3. Thank you very much! This community is awesome :-) Anyway, I've managed to get the usb3 working, but I cannot find a way to get analog audio from alc899. How can I troubleshoot it? Which logs do I need to look in? As far as I got, the appleHDA kext should be the original one, and clover will patch it on the fly, right? I discovered that if I do a xattr AppleHDA_ALC889.kext it says "com.apple.quarantine", so I removed the quarantine attribute with sudo xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine AppleHDA_ALC889.kext then I made the same thing with the USBXHCI_injector.kext: sudo xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine USBXHCI_injector.kext Now I finally got back my device in the sound preferences, but instead of the built-in device I got "Headphones" instead, and it doesn't work (my front panel cable is disconnected from the mobo...) Which logs could I post to troubleshoot it? Thanks for your time :-)
  4. Thank you very much @tluck! Have you managed to enable usb 3.0? Could you kindly send me also your DSDT? Thanks for your time :-)
  5. Hi! What files I have to modify if I use the hd4000 graphics card (I use a i7 3770k)
  6. Please, explain what you've done... It would be really useful when people search through forums :-)
  7. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Thanks rednouss, I was searching for it for a decade! Has someone fixed the usb improperly ejected issue after wake up with the mobo GA-H61N-USB3?
  8. Have someone fixed this with GA-H61N-USB3? (I know it's a old post, but it's the most accurated I found..)
  9. Hi all.. I think that's a common problem, but I would try to fix it.. I got a ga-h61n-usb3 (with a i3 3225) with 10.8.2 installed. Sleep works well, but on waking up, usb devices (thumb drives, mouse and keyboard) disconnect and comes out the message "Disk improperly ejected." The strange thing is that I use the usb mouse to get out from sleep, so I think that is powered during sleep (and when I click to wake up, for some seconds it's not responding...) I read that if there is a (fake) hub on the bus will not be powered during sleep.. (I attached 2 screenshot, on my hack there is a (inexistent) hub beetween the thumb drive and the bus, on the macbook the thumb drive is connected directly on the bus) A on another post that could be ehci/uhci (I'm not an expert of it...) And on another topic I have read that disabling cpu pll overvoltage solved this issue on a GA-Z77X-UD5H What's your experience on it?
  10. iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    Thanks very much. Love this community!
  11. Repair/rebuild MBR on Mac?

    try boot from the original dvd (or thumb drive), from disc utility select the hd, then partition and decrease slightly the size of the mac osx partition, then apply. It should work. (I know that's an old discussion, but I searched for this argument and it comes out from google, so for future visitors.... )
  12. Would you say that I just need my macbook pro serial number and mac address?? :weight_lift:
  13. Purtoppo non funziona... Però ho letto che un tipo con la z77x ha risolto disabilitando la pll overvoltage... Io non so neanche se ce l'ho come opzione...