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  1. It is NOT, causes KP, confirmed !
  2. Can someone update it for 10.11.6 , please, I'm ready to donate/pay for it ...
  3. #1 - I have the same issue with the WiFi card, my solution is to completely shutdown and unplug the PC from the AC power , and turn it ON again after about a minute. #2 - If your RAM is above 4Gb you have to use 64bit versions of Windows, read this: link
  4. Talking about Audio, try the attachment, don't forget about the permissions and send all gratitude for "toleda".
  5. Hi, I just get a new Mini PCI-E module: http://ark.intel.com/products/75439/Intel-Dual-Band-Wireless-AC-7260 PCI IDs: 8086:08B1 There is absolutely no support. Any suggestions for kexts ? :-)
  6. Hi, DP4 also works great, just tested, of course every time Developers Preview is updated - I have to modify Wifi and Bluetooth again. 1. Today I spend few hours testing the Intel HD 4600 and I found that there is conflict with “AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext”, once it’s removed (backed up somewhere) - the MAC OS boot just great, with very basic graphic support, otherwise - all leads to endless spinning wheel. This problem seems to be a good advice for everyone else which is trying this installation on the internal HD 4600, and fails after the installation. 2. I have few modifications in the DSDT. As I remember - the following lines: 67-98 , 8675 - 8735. on my DSDT (attached up there). Also there I am making test with AppleHDA now. 3. I am using ASUS Nvidia GeForce 650 / GTX650-DC-1GD5 , works OOB , there must be some native support for the card, the reason about HD 4600 is in the first answer. 4. Yes, me too, about the iGPU device, even if I enable iGPU from the BIOS and disable the PCIe Video Card, I am still not able to found it in the newly extracted DSDT, GFX0 exist / line: 9931,HDAU (kind of) - 10705. Advices, about the sound - use latest VoodooHDA , works for me, if it fails to work, try the DSDT modifications copied from my DSDT. About the Intel HD4600, I can not advice you now, at some later point maybe. Currently I have PCIe card working more than great - there is no reason for me - to use the internal HD 4600, it eats resources …, but if you are interested, you can start from here: link That’s it for now PCI list attached, link
  7. Here are the screenshots. screenshot IOReg
  8. You need to make at least one of the LAN controllers to be "BuiltIn". There are tons of posts about this.
  9. Hi, sorry for my English... This installation instructions works great on Z87-DELUXE, I can even recommend you few more things which you can do. So, let's start: LAN cards: Realtek -> you know from the first post - how to set it up. Intel -> There is "AppleIntelE1000e.kext" attached, or you may find it googling. WiFi card: This is the easiest part, Just edit: /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortBrcm4360.kext/Contents/Info.plist , and add your device/vendor IDs, for example this is mine: <string>pci14e4,43b1</string>. it works just great. Bluetooth: Using System Profiler we can see that the device is: BCM20702A0, with ProductID/VendorID = 0x17cf/0x0b05 = 6095/2821(from hex). So you have to edit this file: /System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport.kext/Contents/Info.plist and add new record: <key>BroadcomUSBBluetoothHCIController - MediaLink BT4.0 Adapter</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.iokit.BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport</string> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOUSBDevice</string> <key>idProduct</key> <integer>6095</integer> <key>idVendor</key> <integer>2821</integer> </dict> Be careful with the syntax, use tabs wherever it's needed. After this step it's recommended to clear, rebuild the Extensions cache, and you will see the new device in System Profiler. Audio: Here we are talking about ALC1150, which is actually ALC900, but with a little bit better quality. I'm almost sure that this codec is too similar to ALC882, and will be happy if some guru from the forum help a little bit with AppleHDA.kext. I have attache Linux codec dumps for this, and will be really happy to assist with the tests. Meanwhile we can use VoodooHDA , which works for me, but in my case i have few more changes which I have made in the DSDT and I'm not sure - will it work or not without the modifications, will be great if someone make tests. Updates: thanks again "toleda", here it is: link System: In my case it is configured as: iMac/Mac13,2 from /Extra/smbios.plist , and the /Extra/Extensions/ are all attached on the link below. This system build is very stable and fast ... Good Luck . For the lazy people: http://tsintsev.com/media/files/packz87d.zip
  10. the_root

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi, i just successfully complete the BIOS flashing using the "USB BIOS Flashback" function ( USB thumb, and the button on the back site ). All other attempts was ending with "Security Verification Failed", and now I am able to see the boot screen from the Flash Thumb. Thank you again for the file. Now I'll try the Mavericks ...
  11. the_root

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Amazing, thank you friend.
  12. the_root

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi guys, I have many successful installations on socket 775 motherboards, but recently I'm happy owner of ASUS Z87-DELUXE, so I'm try to patch my BIOS (Z87-DELUXE-ASUS-1007) with PMPatch but it fails: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PMPatch 0.5.12 PowerManagement modules not found. AMI nest modules not found. Phoenix nest modules not found. CpuPei module at 00670E20 not patched: Patch pattern not found. CpuPei module at 00770E20 not patched: Patch pattern not found. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What can be made, help me out pls. ?
  13. Works on DELL Inspiron 1720 / VGA: Intel X3100 Thanks Man , you are the best EVER !