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  1. I recently cancelled my MobileMe trial account which I used to sync my contacts, calendars, etc from my iPhone to the web and my two Macs over the air. Now, I have all my contacts on my iPhone safe and sound along with my calendar entries. However, they are stuck on there. Since cancelling MobileMe, my calendars and my address book on my iMac have been completely wiped clean and the information on my iPhone refuses to sync back to my Mac and populate my iCal and address book. My calendars seem to be under a weird group named "Untitled Account" on my iPhone, which is probably what used to be my MobileMe account. How can I get this information back onto my Mac and resume normal tethered USB syncing? I would be very grateful for any advice anyone can give here. Thanks in advance, Edd
  2. How media controls you

    There is no such thing as a non-corrupt government. You guys across the pond fought us tyrannical Brits in a war for 'freedom' back in the day but now look -- you have one of the most corrupt governments and the largest standing army by a very wide margin (one thing that your fore-fathers agreed on was the lack of a standing army). Even the organisations with the best of intentions turn into something bad and this is because positions of power only attract - and can only attract - one type of person -- a person who wants to use that power to control others. Taxes are theft by coercion and violence. Governments, at least not super-small ones, cannot survive without taxing the subjects (btw, point of interest: you are officially, by definition not a CITIZEN but a SUBJECT) to fund their monopoly over whatever the hell they want to. As far as I'm concerned governments are useful for providing justice (but not drawing up laws) and defence (but not having a military presence in 130 countries in the world in the case of the US -- let's make that just ONE), handing off the smaller tasks like road maintenance and maybe trash pick-up to the micro governments (the state governments, etc.). Back to the topic at hand, however. I know the media would like to think that they are controlling my mind like a marionette but this is just not so. Maybe because I rarely watch any TV nowadays because let's face it, it's pure garbage. Over here the format for a successful TV show is "Talent Oriented Reality Show", "Talent Oriented Reality Show (feat. CELEBRITIES)" or, if you're really lucky "Documentary About an irrelevant Celebrity and their Equally as Boring Children" that the ignorati seem to lap up. If the media want to control my mind, they gotta get me to pay attention to it first.
  3. How media controls you

    I've seen quite a vast range of anti-government posts from this JonTheSavage guy and he seemed like a freedom-loving anti-government guy I could certainly get along with -- but now he just seems a bit mental. You're gonna have to provide more evidence.
  4. You can probably expect an unlock/jailbreak for the iPhone 2 firmware very shortly after the release of the thing. You'll be all "WOW THAT WAS FAST", but really the hackers will have had access to the firmware wayy before the release through the Apple Developer programme -- but you can be sure they'll do a great job as usual.
  5. Mac OS X Cougar?

    I am already using OS 10.6 and I can confirm that it is called Mac OS X Moggy*. * This post may or may not be an outright fabrication.
  6. Steve Ballmer uses a Mac

    That's really dangerous. If he gets any closer to it, he might disintegrate.
  7. Headphones Recommendations

    On the cumulative recommendations of people here and my friend in the music industry, I have decided on a pair of Koss MV1's as they may indeed replace the headphones attached to my mixer too. Thanks guys!
  8. Headphones Recommendations

    I had a hand in the marketing for the first generation of the Steelseries headphones and they are, while excellent for gaming, not headphones I would personally choose.
  9. I'm getting sick of my iPod headphones. They do the job and all, I use them with both my iPhone and my iMac (primarily the iMac), but I really love my music and I'm starting to miss the presence of certain frequencies. Anyway, can anyone offer any recommendations? Keeping in mind I primarily listen to music that is very heavy on the low end (specifically drum & bass, dubstep, breaks and hip-hop). Money is really no object. I don't mind forking out a lot for a pair as long as they're worth the premium. I have no preference over what type -- earbuds or around-ear, it's all the same to me (though I will be using them in public ). I had my eye on these v-Moda Vibe headphones as the technical specs read very well for what I'm after, but can anyone offer any alternatives? Or perhaps encouragement to buy these if you've used them? Thanks guys!
  10. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Gonna go against the grain here and express my hatred for Firefox. Bloated, unstable and slow. Apparently I'm the only one experiencing these problems... ? Safari for me.
  11. Salvia

    Well I can't, in my right mind, advocate taking any mind-altering substances but we all know that everyone who is against drugs will very readily get s-faced on alcohol including myself so I'll just say this: on the experiences I have had with any strong narcotic, I would advise against it. Stick to beer and weed. Nothing stronger I've ever tried has ever been worth it. If you are going to do it, take every precaution to do it safely. Get yourself a sitter and never go straight into the deep end with high concentrations. With the inherent right to put whatever substance you want into your body comes a lot of responsibility. Never put yourself or anyone else into a risky situation while experimenting with these things. Finally, I'm glad you're researching this kind of thing before blindly doing it. Hopefully one day all this kind of thing will be legal and everyone will have the opportunity to be educated on the safe ways to have fun with them (although the only safe way is to not do them, never drink alcohol and eat nothing but vegetables -- but everyone knows that's not going to happen). The More You Know*
  12. Electoral Compass USA

    First off, are you arguing against gun rights here -- or just the gun lobby itself? The Brady Background Check did actually pass as law in 1994. Cho passed it (or rather the NICS, which replaced the Brady Check in favour of an instant computerised check rather than a 7 day waiting period). Cho purchased his first handgun on February 9th, his second on March 13th. His rampage commenced a month later, far out of the reach of the Brady Check or any gun control initiative. You say "let's look a little closer" but you haven't looked closer at all. Could you provide any statistics or other form of anecdotal evidence here? Perhaps something showing what percentage of CCW holders have actually committed violent gun crimes? It may be worth pointing out here that for the first five years of CCW permits in Florida (87 to 92), the Florida Police recorded the number of crimes committed by CCW holders. They recorded only 4 instances, none of which resulted in an injury. They subsequently ended this program in 1992 because there simply weren't enough crimes to make it worth it. College kids already carry guns. They do in all but two other states off campus. No problems. You also cite stats for 18-24 year olds here, but it is impossible to get a CCW until 21. Regardless, if it's only students that are so irresponsible, why not let staff carry? Prohibition's working great, I see then. Notice how prohibition also stopped Cho bringing a gun onto campus? CCW applicants need to pass a course of training (specifically true in the case of Virginia). While I do agree with vetting CCW applicants before issuing them, I do not agree with legislation from the government's side forcing this. As I have stated before, CCW laws have indeed been proven to lower crime rates. How is this any worse than getting killed by the psycho killer first, and where is the evidence of this actually happening? In this case, a major factor is deterrent. The idea is that, not only can you stop a shooting if it occurs, but the shooting shouldn't happen in the first place. Legislation clearly isn't stopping it. 48 states allow CCW. Then why are college campuses safer than the surrounding areas everywhere else in the world? Even where guns are banned compeltely, like in Britain. What proof is there that lack of guns is the cause? Might increased security have something to do with it? Or the fact that white, middle class college students aren't exactly your typical muggers and gang bangers? Common sense DICTATES? What the hell does that mean? Does some higher common sense authority dictate that your opinion is the only valid one? So, the goal of the psycho killers is to kill as many people as possible to unleash your angst or whatever; yet they choose to use an inferior method of destruction? I might have a 6ft long phallus, but I can't prove it. No safer, no worse off. It reminds me of the Simpons' joke where Lisa claims her rock is preventing bears attacking the town. Prove that it is. Prove that it isn't. However, have you heard of any psycho killings in Utah? I didn't think so. Two in the chest and one in the head is pretty damn preventative. "Live by the sword, die by the sword.". I guess we gun lobbyists (note I did not say gun owners. I do not, in fact, own a gun) kinda live by the same motto. Except it's the guy trying to take my sword who dies from it. Or, as Tolkien wrote "the women of this land learned long ago that those without swords can still die upon them", or as that Jesus guy said: "He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.".
  13. I don't know about Carphone Warehouse, but the above certainly is true about buying from O2 (I advise against dealing with Carphone Warehouse personally, their aggressive sales technique is on the same level as a used car dealership and shows very little respect for their customers). What you've said is true, however let's not overlook the point that you do in fact agree to a contract with Apple that you will not use it with any other carrier upon buying it. This may also be so when buying the handset from O2 or CF -- nobody ever asks, how else will you know?
  14. Electoral Compass USA

    You seem to be one of those people who thinks that guns magically sprout legs and run around killing people. How many people do you think would have died at Virginia Tech, for instance, if they were allowed firearms on campus? It's known that a large percentage of students there had concealed carry permits, but law prevented them from carrying them on the university property. Letting those people carry their firearms wouldn't have stopped it happening, sure (we can agree nothing can stop that, not even gun control), but anyone can understand that the situation would have been handled much quicker if people were allowed to defend THEMSELVES -- rather than sitting around waiting for the police (who are actually not legally obligated to do anything to help you, no matter how much tax you pay -- point of interest). This even brings up another question: why do you believe the police should be entitled to a firearm? Do you believe they are 'higher' people than us in any way? This is just one example. Violent crime figures from countries around the world back up the old, yet fresh adage that "if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns". I can't argue with you there. The NRA couldn't care less about your liberty as they claim, they just love their firearms. They are a society of gun nuts and nothing more.
  15. I just got my iPhone a week or two ago. Makes sense that they would cut the price just after I get one...