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  1. There's some MoBo's coming out for the platform too, at around $100: http://www.tranquilpc-shop.co.uk/acatalog/Motherboards.html Pretty similar specs, might be worth checking out as well This one's also a mini-ITX, so does anybody want to make a Hack Mini?
  2. MacChief

    Hauptwerk on Hackintosh?

    it's kind of a niche product and not very widespread, but has anyone by chance tried to use the Hauptwerk organ synthesizer on a Hackintosh?
  3. MacChief

    Linux Distributions

    Yeah, even though I really hate it, Ubuntu would work a little better for that... I like having to tweak all my config files by hand in Slackware. You learn so much more about the system that way.
  4. MacChief

    Linux Distributions

    Slackware all the way! I'm currently running it on my desktop, an old Athlon 750MHz, with pretty good performance (though more RAM would definitely help). I started with ZipSlack 7 or 8 years ago (console only ;-) on a 486 and added X and GIMP to it, then used RedHat 7.1 for several years. Now I'm home again!
  5. MacChief

    Panaramic Shots?

    I have done several myself. I usually use Hugin (unfortunately the Mac port is slightly behind at this time), manually picking alignment points, then using Photoshop to blend the layers together and fix any issues.So far the largest I have done is 32MP, but I would like to find a good scene to really have some fun with!Here is one that I did this way this summer. It's a view from a peak at Philmont Scout Ranch. I wish that there had been more time on that trip to take pictures, but I have what I have.The full-size image is about 15MP.
  6. MacChief

    1.8 or 2.2 gamma?

    Since I do some basic graphic/web design across both PC and Mac, I have done basic visual calibration on all my displays for a gamma of 2.2 and whitepoint of 6500K. (I'll get a real colorimeter one of these days...) Now I am quite annoyed when I see a monitor with messed-up gamma or the vile 9300K white point.
  7. MacChief

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    I haven't had too much time to play around with my shiny new (old?) iBook yet, but from my experience with the Safari 3 Beta on Windows Firefox still has more goodies in my opinion, so I will probably use that most of the time. Being an occasional web developer, I hate IE, even standards compliance has improved with 7. I never used it to browse the web - only to see how much it screwed up my pages because it is retarded!
  8. MacChief

    External USB HDD

    i'm not sure why that is you might try connecting the drive after the boot process is complete and see if it recognizes it disk utility should recognize it and let you partition it i had no issues installing JaS 10.4.8 on a USB HDD, but i could not get it to boot for some reason
  9. MacChief

    OSx86 JaS 10.4.8 on USB HDD

    Played with it for a few hours this evening. My interesting conclusions: So far, unable to boot directly. No luck trying to hide the Deadmoo partition (hangs w/o even bootloader options), setting the 10.4.8 partition active (same), or selecting it from the bootloader after Deadmoo starts (hangs when grey Apple screen comes up, or, using -v, before it starts showing all of the interesting boot info). DOn't know what kind of incompatibilities or whatever are causing it. However, I have been able to get it to boot by starting from the install DVD, then passing a rd=disk2s2 option. I knew this had worked once before (on the initial boot), so I just had to find the right disk parameter and it came up. Nice and quick, need to get AC'97 audio and Broadcom Gigabit ethernet working. Will probably also try to put together a simple bootdisk just for this purpose. In my situation having to use a bootdisk isn't too horrible of an option, though it would be nice to just boot straight up and I may try to get that going anyway.
  10. MacChief

    OSx86 JaS 10.4.8 on USB HDD

    I did run across a guide saying that it could be done through VMWare by making an image and then dd'ing it, so I took the Deadmoo, put it on there, and got it to work. Now I'm trying to get the full 10.4.8 from the JaS to install as well in some way on another partition, and try to switch things around so that it works. It definitely seems to be some sort of bootloader issue right now. After dd'ing Deadmoo, there was just the 6GB partition from that, so I added a 20GB 0xaf partition using GParted. Then I booted the JaS DVD, formatted the parition, and it installed no problem. I rebooted, and by supplying an "rd=" parameter it booted from the HDD, and did the user setup, etc. It ran great while it did (aside from audio, ethernet, which will need work), but I have not been able to boot it again. With the Deadmoo partition active, I get the Darwin bootloader (I don't think that I have tried to boot Deadmoo again since the installation, but anyway). I can select between the two, but I have not been able to get it to boot. It seems to hang when it gets to the grey Apple screen booting that way. Booting off the install DVD and supplying various "rd=" parameters I always get "waiting for root device", same thing with the Darwin install CD. With the other partition active, it sits there not doing anything, if my memory does not fail me (no bootprompt, nothing...). I am going to play around with making different partitions active, and changing the partition type in the MBR so as to "hide" the Mac partitions and see if I can get anything to fly. Once I get it working I will definitely try to put together a how-to.
  11. I have the JaS 10.4.8 install DVD, burned fine, appeared to install fine on a Western Digital 160GB USB hard drive. Box is a small-form-factor Hp/Compaq machine with P4 3.2GHz (SSE3), 512MB RAM, BIOS that supports booting from USB. Deleted FAT32 partition on hard drive, used Disk Utility from install disk to make the only partition, a 20GB HFS+, which I then selected as the install destination. Installation went without a hitch, until reboot. The thing would not boot off the hard drive. I realized that it was because it did not have a bootloader on the MBR, and I put a couple different ones on there, to no avail (by manually adding the hex in the MBR before the partition table). Tried both chain0 ("Chain booting error") and recent Microsoft ("Error loading operating system"). Is there a different bootloader that I should try, or should I partition differently? There's nothing on the drive, so time and effort are the only things that really prevent me from starting over. Thanks.