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  1. AppleIGB.kext

    Not sure if this helps but what seems like a similar issue was fixed in a freebsd/freenas bug for the igb driver set kern.ipc.nmbclusters=262144 http://support.freenas.org/ticket/1763
  2. AppleIGB.kext

    Hello all and great work thus far. I have attempted to install the AppleIGB kext version 3.4.7 on a supermicro Mobo X8DTT-F with the 82576 Intel chipset. The driver works, in that it, I see the interfaces. They will not aquire a DHCP address. I am able to set a static address which will allow me to ping the localhost and static IP. So I imagine the TCP stack is intialized correctly. However I cannot ping any other device on the network including the gateway. So it seems there must be an issue communicating to the hardware. Please let me know what else I can do to help debug this issue or if anyone has seen this and knows of the fix.