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    No Acceleration on nVidia GT 650m 2GB on Yosemite

    No one can help? =(
  2. Sup guys, I need help with my notebook, i can't get acceleration on GT 650m, it's always 0 mb.. i try many tips and still can't. I Currently managed to change the resolution to 1920x1080 but without acceleration.. In my case I have only the Nvidia GT 650M the intel hd * is not on in my notebook. I can boot only using nv_disable=1, any other stuck on (See IMG_0629.jpg) I will send my DSDT extracted on windows (can't use on osx -.- i try and get error) Sorry for bad english.. Thanks .. DSDT-DMS.zip
  3. demented

    Can i install OSX on my new laptop?

    Hey styrian, thanks for your Support! Well, I already have WIN8 PRO installed, i want make a dual boot, and is not a EFI install. One day I did the installation on dell n5110, but when i log on windows, the clock go crazy, and I had problems with network connection .. i don't known why.. that is normal? I have a ext hd.. i will read the link.. thanks again (sorry for bad english..) i take a shots from bios:
  4. demented

    Can i install OSX on my new laptop?

    Hey! sup? well, his brand is avell, is a Brazilian brand, but the Manufacturer is Compal, i found this: http://www.fortunetechnology.com/view/2764/ and http://www.avadirect.com/gaming-laptop-configurator.asp?PRID=25091
  5. demented

    Can i install OSX on my new laptop?

    Sorry Guys! i don't known why the screenshots is not here.. i'will try again:
  6. Hello friends, how are you? I just bought a new laptop, and i want to find out if i can install OSX on it. Can you ppl please help me? Thanks