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  1. Hi everyone, i'm new in this forum and in hacking OSX too (and... sorry for my bad english) I have a pretty old Asus EeeTop 1602 (yes, it's not a netbook, but it's basically a EeePC with Atom N270 and a touch screen) where i need to install 10.6.8 or Lion (i've 2 regular Macs, and now i need this for let my son play on games i've bought on the Mac App Store) Two weeks ago i installed 10.6.3 using the Nawcom CD 3.2 and my Snow Leopard retail dvd. Next, i've tried to upgrade it to 10.6.8 with che combo update and installing this nawcom kernel. Result: the "Mac" boots, but keyboard and mouse (and, i suppose, all the USB ports) are not working So, the question is: someone can help me, please? Its possibile to restore USB functionality on that computer? There's some howtos per install a new OSX 10.6.8 or later from scratch? Thank you