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  1. Time to have a thread for P5W DH Deluxe and 10.5 related issues EDIT: INSTALL WITH: Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD to install Leopard BIOS SETTINGS: ahci enabled, execute bit enabled Don't use software update to install 10.5.2! To learn about 10.5.2 installation start at posting #241: http://forum.insanel...o...5094&st=241 THE BRAZILMAC PATCH METHOD TO INSTALL LEOPARD: You can find a guide how to install the Retail version of Leopard here: http://forum.osx86sc...php?f=16&t=2008 (You need at least one working Tiger system installed on your PC to patch the DVD and post patch the Leopard System after the installation finished.) The author of this guide uses a P5W DH Deluxe but the thread is filled with postings of users of other Mainboards. So it starts to be less usefull for P5W DH Deluxe owners. A lot of people have problems with the installation. Maybe it will help someone when i post my/others own errors during installation. First of all i think you should use a DVD-R (not DVD+R) (but i am not 100% certain about this) If you run the patch on a system were VirtualPC is installed on (I migrated from a G5 before): remove the Virtual PC image drivers, there is something weird going on with them and the patch script. Unfortunately i forgot the exact location of these drivers Looks like some people didn't moved the content of the unzipped patch folder on their desktop. This will work too but you need to enter the location of the fils into the patch script then. Better place them on your Dektop to reduce work and useless hassle. The patch script will show an error at the end ("update_prebinding: error 256") - ignore it! Make sure the target partition is on a Master Boot Record (MBR) partitioned HD!!! For some stupid reason I forgot that and wasted some hours (MBR an option when you create a new partition table with Disk Utility) If you run in trouble ("INSTALL FAILED Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer) during installation process then your Leopard image might be corrupt. (or you forget to customize and deselect the missing additional installation options like languages, fonts etc.) I tried it with a self created image of my Retail DVD but always ended with an error during install. I also had a downloaded Image and this one worked fine. So there must be a little secret how to perfectly create an image of a Retail DVD that i don't know yet. Lot of people who finished the installation and did the post patch end up with a non booting system. This is because creating the boot loader didn't worked or the MBR is f*** up! They end with a black screen and a blinking white cursor in the upper left corner. There are two ways to fix that problem: 1st solution: Install a second 10.4 System on your desired Leopard Partition before installing Leopard. This way you will create a working boot loader. Don't install other Languages etc. with this Tiger installer!!! (Leo wants to update them later and would not be able to find them on the patched installer DVD). Don't forget to boot into this new tiger system and create a user before you start the Leopard installation!!! Install Leopard as an update without erasing the new Tiger partition! Run the post installation patch from your normal Tiger System and boot to Leopard. 2nd solution: Set your Leopard Partition to "active" and create a Boot Loader. This is the way to create/repair MBR and boot loader after you do the Post-Installation Patch. This is how to do it: Step one: 1. Boot to Tiger Step two: 1. - Download "Startupfiletool" - it can be found in this thread http://forum.insanel...mp;#entry166040 2. - Unstuff and place "Startupfiletool" in "usr/sbin" the easiest way to do this is to press shift-cmd-g in Finder and enter "/usr/sbin" - then drag the "Startupfiletool" into the "sbin" folder 3. - Locate and open the folder "files" on your Desktop (it's one of the folders from BrazilMAC's patch folder) - inside "files" is a folder called "i386" - open it. - press shift-cmd-g in Finder and enter "/usr/standalone/i386" then drag all files from the first opened "i386" folder (the one on desktop/files) into the "i386" folder 4. I'm not 100% certain of tis, but I believe you may also need to put "bless" into "usr/bin" (it can be found in the patch files on "desktop/files/") Step three: 1. Open Terminal 2. - Type: "diskutil list" result will show all your partitions - Write down volume name and disk identifier info! Example: name: Leopard identifier: disk1s2 (1=disk number 2=partition number) I will use "disk1s2" (or "rdisk1s2") and "Leopard " in this guide code! - exchange it to your correct numbers and name when you see type in the code!!! Step four: 1. Mark the partition active - Type: "sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdisk1" (exchange "rdisk1" to your correct disk number!) - enter your password - Type: "update" - Type: "f 2" (exchange "f 2" to your correct partition number) - Type: "w" answer the question with "y" - Type "q" Step five: - Type: "diskutil unmount /Volumes/Leopard" (exchange "Leopard" for the correct name of your Leopard partition!) - Type: "sudo dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdisk1s2 bs=512 count=1" (exchange "rdisk1s2" for your correct disk and partition number!) - Type: "sudo startupfiletool /dev/rdisk1s2 /usr/standalone/i386/boot" (exchange "rdisk1s2" for your correct disk and partition number!) - Type: "sudo bless -device /dev/disk1s2 -setBoot -verbose" (exchange "disk1s2" for your correct disk and partition number!) - Type: "diskutil mount /dev/disk1s2" (exchange "disk1s2" for your correct disk and partition number!) - Type: "bless -mount /Volumes/Leopard -setBoot -verbose" (exchange "Leopard" for the correct name of your Leopard partition!) You may get an error "Could not find IODeviceTree:/options" but it works! Step six: Boot Leopard
  2. Does someone know the power consumption of the Mainboard itself? I would love to use it again (my mini is not powerful enough graphics wise) but with a new PSU and GPU.
  3. Possibly newer versions of clover have some different config file. I don't know it, I haven't upgraded clover yet. But you should be still able to download the version 980 for a start.
  4. Does someone got 10.8.4 working? Does not work for me so far (reboots during startup)
  5. Immo do you have Dynamic Acceleration activated in BIOS when using Clover? I am getting problems with sound when it is turned on (seems like a problem with the audio clock)
  6. I think the HD is the problem - it is one of the newer 4k sector size "Advanced Format" HDs EDIT: indeed this was the problem. I just placed the original 250GB HD back into the M1530 and installed clover on it - works like a charm! Now the question is has anyone got one of those modern drives working with clover and M1530?
  7. I've update to A15 but that does not help. Still same weird problem that it works fine when connected as USB drive. I can't count how often I've reinitialized the HD during the last two days. I'll try an older version of clover now. Your drive uses GUID Partition table right? Could you please quickly describe step by step how exactly you have installed clover? Maybe I've missed some important step.
  8. Yes, AHCI and BIOS MBR boot0hfs - what is your BIOS version?
  9. I'm using clover on my P5W DH Deluxe for almost 4 months now and I really prefer it over chameleon. But on the M1530 I have no luck with clover at all. I tried it several times with new HD installations and also with USB-Sticks - no success. When booting with USB-Stick the cover menu won't show any of the systems or partitions on the M1530s HD. When booting clover from the internal HD it just won't reach the clover menu, instead after a while it goes to a "Boot Maintenance Menu". Immo, is there any secret how to get it working? Something in BIOS settings maybe? EDIT: weird thing is when I boot from the USB-Stick clover will show the systems on the HD when it is connected via USB (I pulled the HD out of the M1530 and connect it via USB-Adaptor). It also works to boot from HD with clover without USB-Stick, when the HD is connected via USB only. It just won't work when it is connected internally. But no problems at all with chameleon - this is really weird and smells like a BIOS setting. But the M1530 BIOS is so limited I can't find anything relevant. EDIT3: Seems this guy has the same problems - the video shows the menu which shows up on my M1530 when trying to run clover from internal HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq-_E35joX8
  10. Here is the thread with the working fix for iMessage which requires clover efi bootloader: http://www.insanelym...ges-fix-how-to/ It's pretty easy - just download and install clover version 980 or later: http://sourceforge.n...iles/Installer/ For a quick test you can install it on an MBR USB stick (works with standard settings in the installer, I've only added the 64bit USB mouse drivers to mine), there is no need for an extra folder (with clover I can boot from a real Mac's untouched HD) - kexts and DSDT will be placed onto the bootstick (DSDT can be also placed on the root of the system volume, there are folders for kexts for 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 which is pretty useful) so you don't run into troubles with chameleon. (if for some reasons clover won't boot after a restart just wait some minutes or start with chameleon and delete the NVRAM and boot logs on your HD) Change the config.plist of clover, this is the config.plist I am currently using (I am using an iMac7,1 smbios, with clover you can fake more of a real mac than with chameleon. That's the reason why I am using the data of an iMac 7,1 to clone my real mac as good as possible - I also flashed the NIC of the P5W DH deluxe to get the identical MAC address): The red part of the config.plist will fix iMessage - replace bold parts with your own data… and boot twice before trying to use iMessage! <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com...yList-1.0.dtd"> <-- this line is broken because I didn't used the code tags of the forums <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>ACPI</key> <dict> <key>GenerateCStates</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>GeneratePStates</key> <string>Yes</string> </dict> <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>boot-args</key> <string>WithKexts npci=0x2000</string> <key>prev-lang:kbd</key> <string>en:0</string> <key>DefaultBootVolume</key> <string>MountainLion</string> <key>InjectSystemID</key> <string>No</string> <key>LegacyBoot</key> <string>PBR</string> <key>iCloudFix</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>CustomUUID</key> <string>00000000-0000-1000-8000-MAC-Address</string> </dict> <key>Pointer</key> <dict> <key>Speed</key> <string>8</string> </dict> <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>GraphicsInjector</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>PatchVBiosBytes</key> <dict> <key>Find</key> <data>gAeoAqAF</data> <key>Replace</key> <data>gAeoAjgE</data> </dict> </dict> <key>RtVariables</key> <dict> <key>MLB</key> <string>Your_SERIAL-NUMBER_and_6_additional_digits_123456</string> <key>ROM</key> <string>MAC-Address</string> </dict> <key>SMBIOS</key> <dict> <key>BiosReleaseDate</key> <string>03/05/08</string> <key>BiosVendor</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>BiosVersion</key> <string>IM71.88Z.007A.B03.0803051705</string> <key>Board-ID</key> <string>Mac-F42386C8</string> <key>BoardManufacturer</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>BoardType</key> <string>10</string> <key>BoardVersion</key> <string>PVT</string> <key>ChassisAssetTag</key> <string></string> <key>ChassisManufacturer</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>Family</key> <string>Mac</string> <key>LocationInChassis</key> <string>Part Component</string> <key>Manufacturer</key> <string>Apple Inc.</string> <key>Mobile</key> <string>No</string> <key>ProductName</key> <string>iMac7,1</string> <key>SerialNumber</key> <string>YOUR_SERIAL_NUMBER</string> <key>Version</key> <string>1.0</string> </dict> </dict> </plist> Screenshot of clover's EFI folder showing the kexts I am using (I'm using USB-sound btw) and where to place your DSDT: Uploaded with ImageShack.us the following part has nothing to do with clover and/or iMessage, it's just for those which are interested and too lazy to google for it: BTW: if for some reasons you also want to flash your NIC to change the MAC Address just download the Marvell yukonvpd.exe: http://www.gigabyte....vell_eeprom.zip Copy it on a bootable DOS USB-Stick, boot the stick and type: to list the indexnumber of the two ethernet interfaces: yukonvpd -l to change you MAC: yukonvpd -x <Indexnumber 1st interface> -M XXXXXXXXXXXX more info here: http://forum.pfsense...=20095.335;wap2
  11. Clover is great, you should try it with an USB-Stick.
  12. Yes iMac 7,1 (late 2007, the first aluminium iMac) uses 00000000 00001000 800000 MAC address as UUID - iMac 7,1 is the oldest iMac supported by Mountain Lion.
  13. G5rocks

    Clover General discussion

    Says "1" on iMac 7,1 - is this really correct? Handle 0x0011, DMI type 1, 27 bytes System Information Manufacturer: Apple Inc. Product Name: iMac7,1 Version: 1.0 Serial Number: W8XXXXXX UUID: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXX Wake-up Type: Power Switch SKU Number: System SKU# Family: Mac Handle 0x0012, DMI type 2, 16 bytes Base Board Information Manufacturer: Apple Inc. Product Name: Mac-F42386C8 Version: PVT Serial Number: 1 Asset Tag: Base Board Asset Tag Features: Board is a hosting board Board is replaceable Location In Chassis: Part Component Chassis Handle: 0x0013 Type: Motherboard Contained Object Handles: 0 Handle 0x0013, DMI type 3, 21 bytes Chassis Information Manufacturer: Apple Inc. Type: All In One Lock: Not Present Version: Mac-F42386C8 Serial Number: W8XXXXXXXXX Asset Tag: Asset Tag# Boot-up State: Safe Power Supply State: Safe Thermal State: Other Security Status: Other OEM Information: 0x00000000 Height: Unspecified Number Of Power Cords: Unspecified Contained Elements: 0 Is there a way to add more SMBIOS things in clover? I've even flashed my NIC to be identical to my real iMac but I still can't log into iMessage.
  14. No, mainboard was never replaced. I think the mainboard serials came after iMac7,1… 1 is usual for the iMac7,1 somewhere in a clover thread they've listed mainboard serials of different macs and the older ones had just "1" as serial.
  15. I tried it with clover bootloader (with and without iCloud fix). Used a clean install (which was done on my real iMac). Before I've booted I flashed the NIC of my P5W DH Deluxe to set the MAC-Adress to be the same as on my iMac. I've also set the Hardware-UUID (Custom UUID in clover), the SmUUID, the MainBoardSerial ("1" on my iMac 7,1) and the Serial Number to be the same as on the iMac. This all appears to be identical when looking in system profiler, terminal and DMI dump. I was not able to set some of the other SMBIOS stuff like "AllInOne" because I found no way to do that with clover. I also used a completely new Apple ID. But it failed to connect.
  16. G5rocks

    Clover General discussion

    Does someone know what <key>BoardSerialNumber</key> is in <key>SMBIOS</key> of the config.plist? I've never heard of a readable BoardSerialNumber in real Macs, can someone explain it to me?
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    Clover General discussion

    Does someone use clover on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe (maybe with Q6600?) and would please share his config.plist?
  18. Has someone tried to use the clover bootloader here? I am to stupid to setup a good config for the P5W DH Deluxe. Please share your settings if it works for you.
  19. Yes, but not with an iMessage / Apple account anymore. They changed something and hackintoshs are out.
  20. When you log out can you log in again? A lot of people reporting a new issue with iMessage on hackintoshs since monday. Possibly it is related to the Hardware-UUID.
  21. Your are not alone - there are many people out there with the identical problem. This is a general problem on hackintoshs since some days. If someone signs out of iMessage he won't be able to sign in again. (at least this is what a thead on another board says)
  22. Does anyone got iMessage working on 10.8.x? It just won't connect/activate the account. Everything else works.
  23. My safari issues are related to 8800 problems since lion. But I also have audio problems (USB sound sticks). Can someone enlighten me if this is an USB or audio problem?
  24. Yes all this, except another version of safari. I only have Safari 5.1 here.